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Easy Builder Release Notes

2017-06-07 - v3.4

New features on this version:

  • Easy Builder finally available in four different languages: English, French, Spanish and Japanese. You can change the enviroment language in the Description menu of the application.
  • Possibilty to set the assignments for any Form step to a shared role. You can set these roles on the Advanced IDE by selecting the Shared option on the lane configuration menu.
  • Some links were broken including the one which takes you into this page.
  • Minor CSS improvements.
  • Minor bugs fixes.

2017-04-04 - v3.3

Possibility to set a User Picker as a recipient in a mail step. Just a few improvements regarding the application code and some refactorings to prepare the path for a cool new version.

2017-02-01 - v3.2

New version handling a big lane management refactoring for Easy Apps, push notification support for RunMyApp,change application owner and some bug fixes:

  • Since this new version, a push notification option on Manual tasks for RunMyApp users is available.
  • Notification window has been redesigned allowing you to configure the push and mail notification text at the same place.
  • Checkbox to activate notifications on manual task has been replaced by a button to access the notification window where you can decide which type of notification should be managed by the task.
  • Change application ownership: This new option allows you to change the owner of any existing Easy application. You can find it on the Description menu of the application on Easy Builder.
  • Lanes refactoring: In order to improve performance, all manual tasks and mails will use runtime lanes instead of scripted lanes. Start step will not be affected by this fix. Easy application has to be re-saved to consider this fix.
  • Minor bugs fixes.


2016-09-01 - v3.1

New version including some bug fixes and improvements to the application builder environment:

  • Progress bar: For this new version the progress bar has been included at the top of your web interface just as it appears when you run the application.
  • Some warning messages have also been included to prevent the user to fall into blocking states when running the application.
  • You will find some enhancements on the look and feel of the application builder, specifically on list widgets and FAQ links.
  • There were some bugs on attaching files to mail steps and using the application description field.

2016-07-21 - v3.0

A new design has been implemented to ease your experience using the Easy Builder:

  • New image: Changes on the Look and Feel of the Easy Builder application in order to match the new corporate image.
  • In order to ease the way you drag and drop elements from the menu to the form or workflow, we have changed the position of our tools menu from right to left.
  • New array widget: The array widget has been included to the palette. This new widget allows you to dynamically create tables on your Easy Apps. You can define up to four columns for each array, and define it as Text, Number, Date or Multiline fields. You can also include a total on the footer of the array for columns of type Number.
  • Date format: You can now set a date format for date widgets. A full set of frequently used formats is provided. This functionality applies also to date columns in an array.
  • Subject in notifications: A new field on the reject and default notifications allows you to edit the subject of the mail sent to the user.
  • Attachment on mail task: It is possible now to include attachments in your mail task. To do this, you can use an upload file widget from your form.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

2016-01-26 - v2.1

In this new version, we are including some bug fixes:

  • Wrong notification text when rejecting a request
  • User rights assignment problem when selecting everybody on the start activity
  • Problem loading users of the form steps for Easy V1 applications
  • Problem when loading email widgets on the mail steps
  • Some minor CSS issues

2016-01-04 - v2.0

  • General look and feel: new widget palette design, navigation improvements and more
  • New user picker widget
  • Compatibility with IE v11
  • Complete redesign of the mail step configuration menu
  • New dynamic text editor for mail and notifications
  • Possibility to assign tasks to users at runtime
  • Option for editing the default platform notifications
  • Some minor bug fixes
  • Many improvements in application stability
  • A lot of cool new features inspired by your feedbacks

2015-06-01 - v1.3

  • Internal web interface management refactoring
  • New field: Auto-increment reference number
  • New JavaScript optimizations using RMP SDK 1.6
  • Automatic progress bar added to new Easy applications
  • Possibility to change between screen views by using the widgets configuration menu
  • Minor bugs corrections

2015-04-07 - v1.2.1

  • Bug fix related to the mail provider on resubmit activities
  • Bug fix when opening Easy processes on the Flex client
  • New JavaScript optimizations using RMP SDK 1.5
  • Link to this release notes page on the help menu
  • Minor bugs corrections

2015-03-17 - v1.2

  • Touch screen support
  • New prompt field for the dropdown lists widgets
  • New default value field for text, email and number widgets
  • Possibility to set radio buttons in vertical or horizontal layout
  • Minor bugs corrections

2015-01-21 - v1.0

  • Web interface design:
    • Text, number, email input widgets
    • Dropdown, radio button, checkbox widgets
  • Workflow:
    • Save, resubmit, validation and cancel configuration
    • Fixed list of users assignation
    • Mail steps
  • Embedded tutorial
  • List configuration