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Web Interface Rendering Engines

Each web interface you create in DigitalSuite uses a specific rendering engine for formatting and presenting its screens and widgets on different devices as specified in predefined and custom style declarations.

DigitalSuite offers the following two rendering engines:

Application Runner: It is based on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), a development framework for web applications.

WIRE: It is based on React and Material-UI, a JavaScript framework and components for building user interfaces. WIRE offers many new and advanced features such as:

  • User experience (UX/UI): Improved responsiveness, faster rendering, and enhanced performance.
  • Development productivity: Ease of customization, centralized JavaScript and CSS management.
  • Performance: Full support of HTML5, lazy loading, improved start of JavaScript and web interfaces in general.
  • Sustainability: By adopting state-of-the-art technologies like React and Material-UI, WIRE positions itself for longevity and adaptability to evolving trends.

WIRE can be selected while building a new application in the web interface.

Note: When designing and configuring a web interface with its widgets, some differences due to the rendering engines have to be taken into account. These are described in detail in Differences Between Rendering Engines.

Also check out our FAQ and the limitations currently applicable to WIRE.