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Limitations of the Current WIRE Release

The following limitations and restrictions apply to the current release of the WIRE rendering engine:


  • Web interfaces created with Application Runner cannot be rendered with WIRE, and vice versa.
  • Web interfaces created with Application Runner cannot be migrated directly to WIRE. However, you can re-create them at any time using the desired rendering engine.

Web Browser and Mobile Support

  • WIRE does not yet support RunMyApp. For this reason, you cannot make WIRE based web interfaces accessible on the homepage for tablets and mobile phones in the web interface settings.
  • WIRE provides full support for Google Chrome. Issues may arise with other web browsers on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Responsiveness may be limited with screen widths and heights of less than 800 px, depending on the device.

Web Interfaces in Processes

  • All web interfaces used by a process should be based on the same type of rendering engine, Application Runner or WIRE.
  • A WIRE based web interface cannot load the next screen upon a button click, if this next screen belongs to a web interface based on Application Runner, and vice versa.

Web Interface Widgets

  • The following widgets are not yet supported:

    • Indicators (spinners) except for Bar and Circle
    • Uploaded Files List
    • Trees: JavaScript Tree, Collection Tree, URL tree
    • HTML Editor
    • Geolocation
  • Button widgets do not yet support the following On click options: Close window and Show message and close.

  • Apart from lists, widgets cannot be created dynamically using the JavaScript API.
  • Some widgets may not yet work as described and expected in all detail.


  • English is the only language that is fully supported for WIRE based web interfaces.
  • Listeners that call connectors cannot be configured. Composite API listeners can be used instead.