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Limitations of using WIRE

The following limitations and restrictions apply to WIRE while either creating an application or recreating an Application Runner web interface on WIRE:

Compatibility with Resources

Web interfaces created with Application Runner cannot be directly rendered with WIRE. However, you can re-create the web interface any time, while the other resources remain the same.

Certain resources like collections, custom lists, and providers have limitations when it comes to direct reuse within WIRE.

  • Collections can be exported or imported from one project to another project.

  • Connectors can be handled in two ways. They can either be duplicated and moved along with their respective providers, or they can be attached to a different provider that already exists in the new project's context.

Connectors Capability

  • With WIRE, listeners that call connectors are not supported. Instead, Composite APIs can be launched for configuring the web interfaces.

Web Interfaces in Processes

  • All web interfaces used by a process should be based on the same type of rendering engine, either Application Runner or WIRE.
  • A WIRE-based web interface cannot load the next screen upon a button click, if this next screen belongs to a web interface based on Application Runner, and vice versa.

Web Interface Widgets

The following widgets are not supported on WIRE:

  • Indicators (spinners) except for Bar and Circle

  • Trees: JavaScript Tree, Collection Tree, URL tree

  • HTML Editor

  • Geolocation

Web Browser and Mobile Support

  • WIRE may not support older versions of web browsers.
  • WIRE may not support older versions of Android and iOS mobile devices.