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Platform Release Notes

The platform follows the standard X.Y.Z notation where:

  • X: Major changes
  • Y: Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Z: Hotfixes and patches

2022-09-01 - DSEC / UA

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
EnterpriseConnect The EnterpriseConnect Agent no longer ignores the configuration of a proxy for remote HTTPS calls.

2022-08-30 - Connector Microservice 1.6.0


Component Enhancement
Connector This release includes various enhancements and fixes to improve the stability and security of the connector microservice.

2022-08-23 - Infrastructure Enhancements


Component Enhancement
General This release includes maintenance activities to update the platform's infrastructure.

2022-08-22 - WIRE 0.13.0


Component Enhancement
Button Widgets Button widgets now support the On click options for closing a window with or without a pop-up message.
HTML Widgets For HTML widgets, you can now control the execution of JavaScript in the HTML code. A checkbox in the widget settings allows you to turn on/off the sanitizer process.
General This release includes enhancements to increase the stability and performance of WIRE.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
General This release comes with various bug fixes to improve the usability of WIRE.

2022-08-01 - 6.9.1


Component Enhancement
Platform To improve performance, a date limiter has been introduced for queries on user access logs. The default search horizon is now limited to three months. You can override it using P_from or P_to in your query.

2022-07-26 - WIRE 0.12.0


Component Enhancement Link
Supported Languages French, Spanish, Japanese, and German are now fully supported for WIRE-based web interfaces. Supported Languages
Web Interface Language In the applications developed on DigitalSuite, you can now select the web interface language in the application's header.
General This release comes with a few changes to optimize responsive design for mobile apps.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Web Interfaces An issue related to adding outdated libraries to web interfaces has been fixed.
User Selector Widgets The number of requests when retrieving a user name from a list has been optimized to enhance performance.
Custom Reports The JavaScript API for WIRE has been fixed and now includes the refresh method for custom reports.
JavaScript API All methods that return numbers are now returned as Number. Objects and arrays are parsed.
General This release includes additional fixes to improve the stability of WIRE.

2022-06-23 - WIRE 0.11.0

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Custom Widgets Custom widgets that have a menu bar defined as a header are now rendered correctly.
Report Widgets Changing the title of the first column in the configuration of Web interface reports does no longer result in duplicate columns.
Web Interface Header The levels of a menu included as a header in a Web interface are now processed correctly.
General Additional bugs have been fixed, improving the stability of WIRE.

2022-06-22 - 6.7.0


Component Enhancement
Server In order to comply with industry standards, the HTTP status code for errors generated by FreeMarker methods in customer applications has been changed from the erroneous and misleading HTTP 500 Internal Server Error to a status code belonging to the more appropriate HTTP 4xx category that is associated with client errors.
Note: The status code has only been changed for calls in TEST mode and for calls in which no execution mode is defined.
General This release includes various enhancements to improve the stability and security of the platform.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Bulk Update Inactive users are now handled correctly.
Usage Report The sequence of notifications on defined usage limits that are sent to account administrators has been fixed.
FreeMarker The get_custom_list method now correctly takes into account the execution mode.

2022-06-07 - WIRE 0.10.0


Component Enhancement Link
General Various changes have been made to support responsive design and improve user experience for mobile apps.
Container With this release, the new web interface rendering engine (WIRE) of DigitalSuite supports the Container widget and the corresponding JavaScript API methods to use the container feature in web interfaces. Web Interface Rendering

2022-05-18 - 6.6.0


Component Enhancement Link
Usage Monitoring RunMyProcess DigitalSuite has been enhanced by a feature which checks the current usage of business and integration transactions against the usage limits of an account on a daily basis. If the usage limits are exceeded, a corresponding notification is sent to the account administrators. Usage Report
FreeMarker The FreeMarker API has been enhanced by the new get_i18n method. It accepts the language as an additional argument for translation purposes within a process. get_i18n method

2022-05-11 - Connector Microservice 1.3.0


Component Enhancement
Connector This release includes various enhancements and fixes to improve the stability and security of the connector microservice.

2022-05-09 - WIRE 0.8.0


Component Enhancement Link
Autocomplete With this release, the new web interface rendering engine (WIRE) of DigitalSuite supports the Autocomplete Input widget and the corresponding JavaScript API methods to support the autocomplete feature in web interfaces. Web Interface Rendering

2022-05-02 - 6.5.0


Component Enhancement
General The stability and security of the platform have been improved.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Files Public non-versioned files can be accessed without logging in.
Custom Menus Custom menus with more than two levels are handled correctly in the App Translator portal application.
Custom Widgets The language selected at a web interface is correctly applied to the custom widgets included in it.

2022-04-20 - WIRE 0.7.0


Component Enhancement Link
Collections With this release, collections can be added to web interfaces which are based on the new rendering engine (WIRE). The collections and their contents can be managed with JavaScript in the same way as for web interfaces based on Application Runner. Web Interface Rendering
Image Scaling When you include an uploaded image in a web interface, you can now add the P_width=_width-in-pixels_ and/or P_height=_height-in-pixels_ attribute to the URL. This causes the platform to scale the image accordingly before transferring it to a device. In this way, you can, for example, create and display thumbnails with a fixed size for existing images or reduce the amount of data transferred to a device.

2022-04-07 - DSEC UA


Component Enhancement Link
EnterpriseConnect In addition to bug fixes, this release includes new parameters for improved memory usage in the scripts to start the EnterpriseConnect Agent and the adapters. The documentation has been updated accordingly. EnterpriseConnect

2022-04-06 - 6.4.0


Component Enhancement
General This release includes various enhancements to improve the stability, security, and performance of the platform.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Application Runner A bug has been fixed that caused all the generated IDs of HTML and Static Text widgets in an array to be identical.
Connector Library Importing connectors from the connector library no longer fails with a Service is currently in use error.
JSON Parser A problem in parsing numbers with positive exponents has been resolved which could cause failures in the result calculation of connectors.

2022-03-24 - Status Dashboard


Component Enhancement Link
General DigitalSuite offers a new public dashboard where you can check at any time the overall status and health of the platform and its major functional components. https://status.runmyprocess.com/

Operator Guide

2022-03-10 - WIRE 0.6.0


Component Enhancement Link
Application History With this release, the new web interface rendering engine (WIRE) of DigitalSuite supports the Application History widget, including various improvements. For example, sorting of history entries can be enabled, and defining a historized variable automatically adds a corresponding custom column. Web Interface Rendering
General WIRE also includes the following major improvements and changes:
  • If developers do not specify an ID for a widget, it is generated automatically and used internally for all screens. Generated IDs are not displayed in the widget settings.
  • For a File Upload widget within an array, setting a widget variable is now mandatory.
  • A new API function, RMPApplication.isCurrentScreenEnabled, is available to determine whether the current screen is editable or read-only.

2022-02-28 - Documentation


Component Enhancement Link
Documentation The Concepts documentation for RunMyProcess DigitalSuite has been completed and can be used as a reference for all issues and questions related to the platform. DigitalSuite Concepts

2022-02-23 - 6.3.0


Component Enhancement
Security This release introduces a new safety mechanism. Up to now, it was possible - intentionally or accidentally - to delete all variables of a process request in one operation and thus remove the complete contents of the data document. This resulted in the process request being blocked.
With this release, it is no longer possible to delete all variables in one operation. If you intend to remove the complete contents of the data document, you first need to delete the variables except for one. In a second step, you can then remove this last variable and the contents of the data document.

2022-02-07 - WIRE 0.5.0


Component Enhancement Link
General With this release, the new web interface rendering engine (WIRE) of DigitalSuite supports the File Upload widget, including its use within arrays. The widget has been improved, enabling the upload of multiple files in one step and supporting drag & drop to select the files to upload. Web Interface Rendering

2022-01-13 - 6.0.28


Component Enhancement
Logging RunMyProcess immediately reacted to the recent Log4j vulnerabilities when they became known in December 2021. This release includes additional measures to harden the security of logging, in particular in the Log4j context.

2022-01-12 - WIRE 0.4.0


Component Enhancement Link
General With this release, the WIRE web interface rendering engine supports the Captcha widget and thus allows for creating public web interfaces. Web Interface Rendering

2021-10-14 - 6.0.8


Component Enhancement
Platform With this release, the DigitalSuite platform is moving to new application server technology. This results in significant improvements in terms of security, performance, and scalability.

2021-10-13 - WIRE 0.1.0


Component Enhancement Link
General This release introduces a new rendering engine for web interfaces named WIRE (Web Interface Rendering Engine). It is based on React and Material-UI, a JavaScript framework and components for building modern user interfaces. WIRE is newer and more advanced than the existing rendering engine, Application Runner. Major advantages are its improved responsiveness, rendering and rendering performance, ease of customization, full support of HTML5, lazy loading, and faster start of JavaScript and web interfaces in general.
Starting with this release, WIRE will be made available step by step to more and more customers in addition to Application Runner, which will remain unchanged.
Web Interface Rendering

2021-07-14 - Documentation


Component Enhancement Link
Documentation The RunMyProcess DigitalSuite documentation has been enhanced to a great extent. In addition to new content that is provided step by step, the documentation now comes with responsive design and various layout optimizations to improve its readability and make it suitable for desktop and mobile devices. A new search facility delivers immediate results which are not impaired by ads or third-party content. docs.runmyprocess.com

2021-05-31 - 5.40.0

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Connector A bug related to the support of the FTPES protocol has been fixed in the connector microservice.

2021-03-03 - 5.38.0

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Server A bug has been fixed that prevented the correct sorting in Web Interface Report widgets of web interfaces.
Server An issue has been resolved which prevented the display of more than 20 uploaded files in the Uploaded Files List widget of web interfaces.

2021-02-18 -


Component Enhancement Link
Platform The DigitalSuite connector component has been re-architected and is now provided as a microservice. This brings about a considerable increase in resilience, scalability, development productivity, and platform stability.

2021-02-02 - 5.37.4

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Server An issue which prevented the correct creation of database indices has been fixed.

2021-01-25 - DSEC UA


Component Enhancement Link
EnterpriseConnect The SMTP adapter now supports the sending of emails to cc and bcc. SMTP Adapter


2020-12-08 - 5.37.0

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Server An issue which prevented the correct sorting of the revisions of versioned files in DigitalSuite Studio has been solved.
Server An inconsistent behavior in the deletion of resources has been fixed: Like other resources, process reports and web interface reports now cannot be deleted if they are included in a project version.

2020-11-24 - 5.36.2


Component Enhancement Link
Platform A new mechanism has been implemented to better support high session timeout values in the Advanced IDE and in DigitalSuite Studio.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Server An issue causing process schedules to be duplicated has been fixed.

2020-11-16 - 5.36.0


Component Enhancement Link
Platform The procedure for detecting issues related to the update of measures has been improved.
Server Email notification messages issued when pushing a project to another execution mode, have been corrected in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Server Several bugs have been fixed, improving the stability of the platform.

2020-10-28 - 5.35.2


Component Enhancement Link
Platform Optimizations have been made in the collection and aggregation of logs.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Server An issue affecting the behavior of project resources has been fixed.

2020-10-22 - 5.35.1

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Platform An issue has been fixed which slowed down the execution of processes.

2020-10-20 - 5.35.0


Component Enhancement Link
Platform The English and French End User License Agreements for the trial and business use of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite have been updated.
Platform To improve platform responsiveness, mechanisms have been introduced to automate log compression and the deletion of database instances.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Server All users are now correctly exported from DigitalSuite Studio.
Server In process reports, the Origin and Keywords columns now display the correct information.

2020-06-16 - 5.30.1


Component Enhancement Link
Platform security Security has been increased by removing all cookies when a user logs out. For each user agent (e.g. a specific web browser or RunMyApp), the only valid cookie is the one that was last created. This means that when logging in to the platform with a specific web browser, all previous cookies created with this browser become invalid.

2020-06-16 - DSEC 2.2.3 UA


Component Enhancement Link
EnterpriseConnect A new adapter, the FileWriter adapter, is available to write to files in on-premise file systems from DigitalSuite. FileWriter Adapter

2020-06-04 - 5.29.0


Component Enhancement Link
Platform Subprocesses can be launched as the "process initiator" or "last process modifier". This release provides a new option of launching a subprocess as a "custom user". Every task will be treated as if carried out by the specified user.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Security Unauthorized users can no longer access web interfaces by API calls.

2020-05-27 - 5.28.4


Component Enhancement Link
Documentation The documentation homepage has been restructured to emphasize our new DigitalSuite Studio development and administration modules. Documentation Homepage
Documentation A new document has been added to provide an overview of DigitalSuite. DigitalSuite Overview
Documentation A new document has been added to help you get started with using DigitalSuite Studio. Getting Started

2020-05-19 - 5.28.3

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
IDE Exporting processes to PDF no longer fails with unexpected errors.
Homepage Applications are no longer missing on the homepage after specific versioning operations.
Platform Variables are now passed to a process even if a task is delayed by means of the corresponding property.

2020-05-14 - 5.28.1


Component Enhancement Link
Server SMTP providers now support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in addition to TLS 1.0 in the authentication scheme. The TLS version used for a specific connection is selected automatically depending on the SMTP server. For this reason, no changes are required to existing providers, for example, for Microsoft Office 365.
Server Database indices were added to speed up version-related queries for custom lists and files and avoid problems in accessing these resources in projects with many versions.
Server JavaScript functionality on MongoDB databases has been disabled to prevent noSQL injection issues and increase security.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
User Management The user list of the DigitalSuite Studio User Management module now correctly shows the users' last login date.
Composite API Composite APIs can now be deleted without problems if they are no longer used in any projects.

2020-04-06 - DSEC 2.2.2 UA


Component Enhancement Link
EnterpriseConnect The SAP JCO adapter supports nested structures and tables. SAP JCO adapter
EnterpriseConnect The SMTP adapter always encodes the mail body in UTF-8. By default, the mail body is sent in HTML format. By specifying the option "type":"plain", it can be sent as plain text. SMTP adapter

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
EnterpriseConnect All adapters now correctly create and maintain their log files.

2020-03-17 - 5.25.4


Component Enhancement Link
Platform security To maintain security standards, we have disabled SSL/TLS client-initiated renegotiation on the EMEA platform. This feature could potentially be abused for DOS type of attacks.

2020-02-17 - DSEC 2.2.1


Component Enhancement Link
EnterpriseConnect This release provides major improvements as to the high availability of the Secure Domain Connector (SDC) of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite. The deployment of new DigitalSuite EnterpriseConnect server versions no longer requires any downtime for the agents and adapters installed in the on-premise customer environments. EnterpriseConnect
EnterpriseConnect The LDAP adapter now supports SSL connections to the LDAP server. Two new properties, ssl.enabled and ssl.trustore.path, have been added to the LDAP.config file.
Note: This enhancement is also available for the Secure Enterprise Connector (SECv1).
LDAP adapter
EnterpriseConnect Measures have been taken to avoid out-of-memory problems in the EnterpriseConnect Agent and the SDC, particularly by numerous log entries sent at a specific time. For this purpose, new configuration settings are available in the Agent configuration file and in the handler.config file for the individual adapters. EnterpriseConnect
EnterpriseConnect Obsolete settings have been removed from the Agent configuration file. Agent configuration

2020-01-22 - 5.24.1


Component Enhancement Link
Server We have updated the queuing backend for asynchronous processing to increase platform reliability, reduce the load, and allow for dynamic scaling.

2020-01-13 -


Component Enhancement Link
EnterpriseConnect A new adapter, the SAP JCo adapter, is available to access, retrieve, and modify data in on-premise SAP systems from DigitalSuite by means of the SAP Java Connector (JCo). EnterpriseConnect

2019-12-18 -


Component Enhancement Link
SOC auditing The user creation log has been extended with additional information about user status and date of last modification.

2019-12-05 -


Component Enhancement Link
Process SHIFT_JIS has been added to the character sets that are supported by RunMyProcess. Supported Character Sets

2019-11-26 -


Component Enhancement Link
Process The admin/user API has been extended to return a value for the "Receive administrator's message" option. This enables the straightforward filtering of users who should be excluded from the communication list.

2019-11-06 -


Component Enhancement Link
Process To improve the response to an increased load on the platform, the root cause analysis capabilities have been improved:
  • Reduced noise of standard logging
  • Increased logging of configurable target customers
  • Reduced logging of Mongo quota jobs
Process The exception handling for SOAP connectors has been improved.

Bug Fixes

Item Bug Resolution
Process An XML entity expansion injection which was identified as a valid vulnerability has been fixed.

2019-11-04 - 5.23.8


Component Enhancement Link
EnterpriseConnect DigitalSuite EnterpriseConnect is the new and improved version of the Secure Enterprise Connector. At the moment, DigitalSuite EnterpriseConnect and the Secure Enterprise Connector co-exist and can be used in parallel.The Secure Enterprise Connector will be removed in the medium term.
DigitalSuite EnterpriseConnect comes with the following enhancements:
  • Major architectural improvements have been implemented which result in higher scalability by easily expanding and contracting to accommodate heavier or lighter loads, as well as high availability by improving the level of operational performance.
  • A configurable transaction parameter is now available to support the processing of higher workloads.
  • The client/server communication has been optimized by introducing WebSockets. A bidirectional and permanent connection (full-duplex) is now supported which results in low latency between requests and responses.
  • The installation process has also been optimized with an MSI procedure for the client setup and a single configurable artifact for deploying the adapters.
  • EnterpriseConnect comes with enhanced monitoring and security features. Status information on on-premise operations is now provided in log files, and communication security has been enhanced with TLS V1.2 encryption by supporting data transport via secure WebSockets.

2019-10-28 - 5.23.7


Component Enhancement Link
Process The permissions for uploaded files have been restricted to ensure more security and transparency. For further information, please see the documentation. Permissions for uploaded files
Process New FreeMarker methods have been provided for steering and defining user permissions for uploaded files. For further information, please see the FreeMarker API documentation. R_read_file_add_lane

2019-10-15 - 5.23.6


Component Enhancement Link
Process The following functionality has been added to FreeMarker put functions:
- The order of the output remains consistent with the user's preferred order. The orderby field now allows you to specify an array. Specifying an object still works for backward compatibility.
- Additional functionality has been added to the list_objects() function.
Platform performance We have taken a range of steps to improve the performance and stability of the platform.

2019-06-11 - 5.23.0


Component Enhancement Link
Version Management To ease the upgrade of running process requests and Web interface instances, the Version Management features have been enhanced. You can now upgrade any request or instance to any other version. The upgrade is no longer done when proceeding with the next process step, but instantly.
The enhancements are accessible from the Versions tab when working on a project. In addition, a new Version Management Log tab is available now that allows you to view detailed information on versioning operations that have been carried out in your project.

2019-03-28 - 5.21.0


Component Enhancements Link
User Management To avoid that invalid email addresses are used for sending information to end users, a blacklisting mechanism has been introduced in RunMyProcess. This ensures that a process that uses a blacklisted email address is aborted with a corresponding error message.
If the default mail provider (AWS) is used in an application, invalid email addresses are automatically detected and put on the blacklist. Independent of the email provider that is used, the administrator has the option of manually adding email addresses to the blacklist. The addresses must be registered for his account. An email address that is not considered as invalid any longer can also be removed from the blacklist by the administrator.

The DigitalSuite preview version of the User Management module provides access to the email blacklist. Please access the DigitalSuite module through existing modules (Advanced IDE or User Management).

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Process Use the get_history() Freemarker method to retrieve the history of an instance. In rare cases, an exception is thrown that the get_history() method is undefined.
Internal Parameters Use the P_target internal parameter for configuring user access to the RunMyProcess homepage. Users cannot log in with SSO.
Project In the IDE, display the window to select a revision when creating or updating a project version. Provided that the number of revisions stored for the respective resource is high, the window is empty. A large number of revisions cannot be loaded properly.
Application Translator Use a dictionary for translating emails. When emails are sent in a subprocess, the emails are sent in the default language and not in the language defined in the user profile of the RunMyProcess user specified as recipient.
Process Run a process containing multiple subprocesses with loops. In rare cases, process requests are pending.

2019-03-20 - 5.20.8

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Internal Parameters Run a process that uses an internal parameter for the platform as a variable (P_urls.domain, P_urls.host, P_urls.live, or P_urls.portal). Overwrite, for example, the value of the host variable. Due to the fact that the value is overwritten and not reset to the system value, subsequent process steps as well as other processes using the internal parameter failed.

2019-03-08 - 5.20.7


Component Enhancements Link
Secure Enterprise Connector The code base for the adapters has been updated and unified. The File Reader, FTP, JDBC, LDAP, and SMTP adapter are now available in a single executable. It is available for download from the Secure Enterprise Connector documentation page.

2019-02-27 - 5.20.0


Component Enhancements Link
Process Reports When deleting a process instance, you now have to enter the reason why you delete the instance when confirming the delete operation.
This information is essential for auditing purposes. It can be retrieved from the API and is displayed in the Logs Application component.
Logs Application For auditing purposes, a new tab "Instance Deletion Logs" has been added for monitoring the deletion of Web interface and process instances. The log displays, for example, the instance ID, the date/time when an instance was deleted, or the user who deleted it. Logs Application
For auditing purposes, a new tab "Version Logs" has been added for monitoring project versions. The log displays, for example, the mode to which the version was changed, the timestamp when the mode was set, or the email address of the user who changed it. Logs Application

2018-12-21 -5.19.3


Component Enhancements Link
API Extensions New API call to retrieve audit log information on versioning. The API call retrieves, for example, the date/time of a version change, the mode to which the version was pushed, the main versioning settings, and the name of the user who pushed the version. Contact your RunMyProcess Support for detailed API information.
New API call to retrieve audit log information on deleting process instances. The API call retrieves, for example, the instance ID, the date/time when a process instance was deleted, the user who deleted it, and the reason for the deletion. Contact your RunMyProcess Support for detailed API information.
Project To avoid that a project resource is overwritten by a more recent version, the user working on a resource is instantly informed when another user has modified and saved this resource. The user is prompted to decide whether to reload the resource with the changes made by the other user or save the changes just implemented, thus overwriting the changes of the other user.
German Language Support For German end users, the User Management and the My Settings application have been localized to German. The email communication on administration issues is also available in German now.
In addition, new users get a German End User License Agreement that they must accept before they can start using RunMyProcess.
Process and Web Interface Reports As for collections, an option "Sort order query" is available in the Process and Web Interface Report widgets.
In the query field, a Freemarker script can be entered for sorting the items of a report.
This retrieves all the items (field to sort) matching your pattern in ascending or descending order.
Report Widget
Logs Application The Composite API calls are now included in the "API Call Logs" tab. The number of call attempts can now be seen in the "Attempt No." column.

2018-11-07 - 5.19.0


Component Enhancements Link
Process Reports New process status were added:
- Not started
- Waiting (resume)
- Outdated
Process Reports
Multi-selection of process status is now available.
New filters on process instance steps were added:
- Step type (E.g. Manual task, Timer on task, ...)
- Step status (E.g. Waiting, Not executed...)
- Step ID
The step filters are combined. For example, "Which process instances contain at least one Manual task that has been executed?" matches the following filter configuration: ([Step type] = "Manual task" AND [Step status] = "Completed")
N.B: The step type filter will only work on instances that have step processed after the release date (November 8th, 2018)
Logs Application A new tab "API Call logs" has been added for monitoring all connector executions (Web Services, Email, ...) made within Process and Composite API instances
N.B: The status code will only be available for connector calls performed after the release date (November 8th, 2018)
Logs Application
Schedule Process A new option "Run as (default)" has been added to the general configuration page of a process in order to specify the default initiator of a scheduled process.
N.B: If empty, the initiator is the user who last saved the process configuration
Process General Tab

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
User API Deactive an already deactivated user using the following API call:
- HTTP method: PUT
- URL: /config/{customer_id}/user/{user_id}
- Content body (part):<category term="status" label="DEACTIVATE"/>
The user was deleted. Now the user will only be updated.
N.B: If the Custom Header in the Advanced parameters section of the HTTP connector contains "RMPData-version=v1_0" or ""RMPData-version=v1_1", the current behavior remains: deactivating a user twice deletes the user
Delegation A user with the Administrator profile updates a Manual task as a delegate. The History widget did not display delegate "on behalf of" delegator for the update.
Deactivate the current user of a process instance (P_user) waiting for the execution of a Manual task scheduled by a timer. When the timer was triggered, the process instance might have failed on the next task (the P_user user was deactivated). Now, the P_user is replaced by a delegate in case a delegate has been defined.
RMPApplication Call the RMPApplication.getInvalidFields() funtion on the screen loaded after a "Load next screen" action. The function always returned false even if all fields were valid.

2018-08-09 - 5.18.0


Component Enhancements Link
Web Interface Reports New filter "Assigned or delegated to"
FreeMarker New parameter to specify when the lock should be unlocked if not done programmatically before (By default, the lock will be released after 1 hour) R_lock
Allow FreeMarker input on the Mail/Notification task option "To (roles)" Task Email/Notification
Application Translator Added a new language: Danish (ISO Code: dan).

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Scheduled Process Update the timer of a scheduled process that belongs to a version of a LIVE project as a "Keep updated" resource The modification of the timer was not taken into account
SubProcess Restart one of the child process instances that was completed, while some other child process instances were waiting The parent process was then set as completed (instead of remaining as waiting)
Default Mail Provider Send an email through a Manual or Email notification task using the Default Mail Provider Under certain circumstances, the email was not sent
RunMyApp Disable Push Notifications for only one specific RunMyApp user account configured on a device Push Notifications were disabled for all the RunMyApp user accounts configured on the device
Collection Export a collection that contains special Japanese characters The special characters were not properly encoded
Import data into an existing collection without overwriting the content Data was not imported and no error was triggered
Measures Display Web Interface or Process reports containing measures Even though the process had already progressed to the next step, the measures were sometimes not up to date
Web Interface Report List the Web Interface instances of the report Web interface instances were not displayed for processes that failed between two Manual tasks
Scripted Lanes Update user metadata of type Array or Structure Scripted Lanes impacted by this update were not computed
Delegation Send an email using the “Mail / Notification” task while the initiator of the sending request has a delegate The email was sent to the delegate regardless of the specified recipients

2018-02-05 - 5.17.0


Component Enhancements Link
Scripted Role New computation mechanism - Scripts are now computed in batch
In order to improve the performance of scripted roles, several architecture changes have been made:
- Only impacted scripted roles (because of a script change or user metadata / preference / settings update) are now computed.
- Computation method switches from on-demand calculation to batch calculation. Since user metadata, preference or settings are usually updated in bulk, it is more efficient to compute scripted roles once batch user updates are completed.

N.B: When a script is computed, all the users matching the script become part of the role.
Scripted role
Mail / Notification task It is now possible to send emails (and/or push notifications if using RunMyApp) to:
- A list of roles (based on the IDs)
- The current lane
The 3 options (emails, roles and current lane) are cumulative
Mail / Notification task
Process & Web Interface Report Widget To avoid confusion for the end user, the total number of items is only displayed once on the last page (and "..." until then) Report Widget
RMPApplication JS object The RMPApplication.VariableHandler JS function now takes two optional entry parameters:
- P_index: index of the selected RMP_Array line (-1 if any)
- widget_id: widget object (null if any)

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Delegation Create a delegation on a user and deactivate this user The task assigned directly to the deactivated user was assigned to the lane as if no delegation had been set up
User A delegates its tasks to User B and User B delegates its tasks to User A The delegation mechanism was not working
Multi-account On a multi-account configuration, access a RunMyProcess url that contains the account id The multi-account popup to choose an account was displayed
Uploaded files Upload a video file Media type was not recognized for the following extensions: .flv, .mpg, .mkv, .mov & .qt
Basket List the tasks of the basket The number of tasks in the basket was higher than the real number of tasks in the list (When a user was removed from a runtime lane, the number of tasks could be false)
Text Input Widget Set a pattern to forbid the usage of square brackets "[", "]"
An engine upgrade to version v5_17_1 has to be applied to the Web Interfaces that need this fix
If a user entered a square bracket, the widget was invalid but the form could still be submitted
Button Widget Click on a button of type "Save document" All buttons inactivated through JS function setActive(false) became active after clicking on "Save document" button
Scripted Role Use multiple boolean operators (&& and ||) in a Scripted Role script The role did not contain any users even if some users matched the script
Advanced IDE Using Chrome Web Browser, test the freemarker script of a variable defined in a Composite API An error message "Error testing the connector" appeared
Mail Send an email using the "Default mail server" (in "Mail provider" project) In rare cases, the email is not sent
Scripted Roles Create a scripted role chaining several "!contains" freemarker built-ins function The scripted role was not computed

2017-10-12 - 5.16.0


Component Enhancements Link
Project To avoid inconsistencies in project versions, it is now forbidden to detach or delete a resource that is included in at least one version of a project.
Organization & Role The number of descendants is now limited to 3. Roles
Report widget The height in the report widget property ("Table height" property) can now be left empty, the height will be adjusted to the number of elements displayed.
Delegation "on behalf of" now appears in the column user of the History Widget if the action was performed by the a delegator for a delegatee (delegator "on behalf of" delegatee).
Application Translator Adding new Languages:
Nederlands - ISO Code: nl,
Suomi - ISO Code: fi,
Norsk - ISO Code: no,
Magyar - ISO Code: hu
FreeMarker Extend the lock and unlock Freemarker function to work in any execution context, not limited to input or ouput task variables. lock

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Report Widget Filter on a date column where 'Date Filter' is set in the report settings.
For existing Web interfaces, this requires an engine upgrade to version v_5_16_0.
The selected date did not take into account the user's time zone.
Set the height in the report widget property ("Table height" property). The height was not taken into account when rendering the Web Interface.
Filter on the screen column on a Web Interface report. A HTTP 500 error message was fired.
Search on an autocomplete column containing at least one space within a Collection Report. The search never retreived any matches.
Custom Widget Create a validation rule on any of the widgets within the Custom Widget using [[RMP_this.variable.myVar]]
For existing Web interfaces, this requires an engine upgrade to version v_5_16_0.
The validation rule did not work.
Array Widget Submit a form containing an Array Widget with an Uploaded File Widget as a column type. Uploaded files columns disappeared for subsequent Manual tasks.
Collection Import data into a collection with index(es) with the option to "Overwrite content" checked. The index(es) were removed.
Date Widget Set the date widget property 'First day of the week' to Sunday. Friday and Saturday were coloured grey to highlight the weekend instead of Saturday/Sunday.
Web Interface An anonymous user validated a public manual Task. The completed task could not be opened anymore (Unauthorized error).
IDE In the Process Modeler, uncheck the "Retry on timeout" option of a Connector Task. The server always retries on timeout, maximum 3 times.
Uploaded files Upload a video file Media type was not recognized for some file extensions.

2017-06-29 - 5.15.0


Component Enhancements Link
Delegation All the delegated tasks are now delegated. Previously, delegation was available only in certain situations:
- Direct assignation to a specific user
- Runtime or static lane containing only one user
It is now possible to create multiple global delegations or multiple delegations on the same project (with the same or different representatives), provided that the time periods do not overlap
The representative inherits the delegator's access rights at project level (apart for Process instances). The P_user remains the user that completes the actions (in our case, the representative) and a new variable "P_user.delegators" will be filled with all the possible delegators for that representative
Delegations are automatically activated by the server:
- Delegations starting in the past or now are automatically activated after creation.
- Delegations starting in the future are pending after creation and will be automatically activated by the server on the start date
If the delegator is a deactivated user, the process will keep running - the representative will have the same rights as the deactivated user
New option "do not delegate" for Email & Push notification tasks (Unchecked by default).
If the "do not delegate" option is unchecked, emails and push notifications will be received by the representative as well as the delegator.
It is necessary to uncheck the "Do not delegate" option for existing processes
Email / Notification task
User Management & My settings Delegations are now automatically activated by the server therefore it is no longer necessary or possible to activate them manually
Collection New functions to create, list, and delete collection indices
By default, 5 indices maximum per collection are allowed
Web interface Report The "Assign to" filter now supports any user or list of users
Report Widget New option "Allow users to select rows" with values "All" (By default), "Only one" or "None" for managing row selection behaviour Report Widget
New event "On row select / deselect" triggered for each row selected /deselected
New JS function "RMP_Report.getLatestSelectedLineValues()" to retreive the latest selected row RMP_Report
The JS function "RMP_Report.add(Measure)Filter" is now available even if the user filter is on
For existing Web interfaces, this requires an engine upgrade to version v_5_15_0
Freemarker New encoding format supported (BASE64, BASE64URL, URL) for the R_encode function. R_encode replaces the encode function that will remain as it is R_encode
Internal Parameters A new internal parameter ${P_urls} provides the URLs of the current platform (domain, host, live, portal) Internal Parameters
Static & Everybody role Static & Everybody roles can now be deleted without having to remove every users
Scripted role Scripted roles can now be deleted without having to remove the script
Versioned files Freemarker functions to read the content of uploaded files works now for versioned files. R_file_content

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Uploaded file Send an email with a file attachment to trigger a process The type of the file was not correctly defined (Ex: Pdf files were detected as "application/octet-stream" instead of "application/pdf")
Upload a file with a name containing the special character (Ex: `%`) The upload failed
Mobile Open RunMyProcess authentication page (portal.runmyprocess.com) on your mobile The display was not suitable for mobile resolution
IDE Create a new user with his metadata The metadata were not setted
Delegation Create a delegation within the period of an existing delegation The delegation was created (Only one delegation by period is allowed)
Users Management & My Settings Create a delegation with a start time at 00:00:00 In the "Current delegation" table, the start time was displayed with +7 hours
Widget Array Add multiple lines that contains a user picker widget from the "+" of the first line The user picker has the same id on every lines
Scripted lane Set a variable (Ex: <#assign myVar = "myValue">) and use that variable in a script (Ex: ${P_user.extended.myMetadata == myVar}) The script was valid but did not return any users
Use more than two built-ins in a script The script was invalid
Web Interface Open the picker of a Date widget in a Chrome Web browser version upper than 61.0.3163.91 The position of the date picker can, under certain conditions, be moved away from its expected position.

2017-05-10 - 5.14.0


Component Enhancements Link
Organization & Roles New "Share" option for static, scripted & everybody roles to allow them to be assigned through Easy Builder Organization & Roles
Easy Builder
Process Definitions of measures (called "values" in the IDE) can now accept up to 4096 characters instead of 255 Process Measures Tab
Execution limits
A single process now supports 200 measures instead of 50. The limit of 10Mb data size per process remains.
Email triggered process now supports "reply-to" variable mapping Process start event
Collection When importing & exporting Collections, an option to compress them in ZIP format has been added (set by default) Project Collection Tab
Connector library New "Reassign task" Connector for RunMyProcess provider

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Login An unconnected user accesses a RunMyProcess resource (HTTP GET Verb) on an account without a custom login page The Web browser native login prompt was displayed instead of redirecting the user to portal.runmyprocess.com
Basket List tasks & requests of the basket The basket was not always up to date
Report Group on a measure with a value containing special characters (& _ ...) Grouping on this value was empty
User Management Save a user with metadata based on custom lists Metadata were not saved
IDE Add a button in a Web interface with an empty label Button was not visible

2017-04-11 - 5.13.0


Component Enhancements Link
Freemarker New FreeMarker method to generate RSA signatures R_rsa_hash function

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
File upload Play a previously uploaded video file (source of HTML 5 <video> tag) The video did not play due to an HTTP 500 Internal error thrown by the server

2017-03-22 - Thibault v3


Component Enhancements Link
Role & Lane A computed column "Syntax" has been added in the lane list view of the IDE to detect the invalid syntax of scripted lanes
Developer Guide
Easy Builder Email notifications can now be sent to users of User picker
Connector library New connectors for the following providers:
- Force.com
- Office 365 OneDrive
- Office 365 Calendar
- Office 365 Excel
- Smartsheet
- Slack
RunMyApp for iOS Use the Offline mode to create new requests when offline. These requests wil be automatically synchronized upon reconnection. iTunes Apple store
Push notifications for mobile devices configured on Manual and Email / Notification tasks
New design to match the new RunMyProcess brand and improve the user experience.

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Email / Notification Task Set the priority to Low, Medium or High of the email notification. The priority was not setted. Note: Some mail providers do not support this functionality (Gmail)
Manual Task Fill in the Language field of a Manual Task with a dynamic variable Impossible to use freemarker syntax
Role & Lane Check the members of a scripted or everybody role (lane) The list of users is greyed out and cannot be scrolled
Web Interface Report Set a value for the 'delegated to' filter The value of the filter disappears but is applied to the report
Delegation The delegation has expired (eq. the 'To' date is in the past) The delegation is still active
Scripted lane Script contains the same condition multiple times - Ex: ${(Cond_1 && Cond_2) || (Cond_1 && Cond_3)}, Cond_1 appears twice The script is invalid
The lane is not a scripted lane The "Syntax" column of the lane list view of the IDE might show up as "Invalid"
The language of the IDE is set to Spanish or Japanese Some messages related to scripted lanes are displayed in English
IDE Update settings, metadata or preferences of an inactive user The inactive user is deleted

2017-02-01 - Thibault v2


Component Enhancements Link
RunMyApp Configureable custom Homepage for Mobiles and/or Tablets. User Guide
Role & Lane Automatic syntax check when scripted lanes are edited (instead of full lane computation).
Ability to edit runtime lanes from the IDE during process execution. User Guide
Easy Builder
Ability to transfer ownership of applications to another user. User Guide
Push notification option on Manual tasks for RunMyApp users. User Guide
End-User Configurable language option for Manual task notifications. User Guide
Report Custom parameters can now be passed to the export process of Javascript Reports. Developer Guide
Security Extra keys can now be stored through FreeMarker OAuth 2.0 dedicated functions (in addition to access token, refresh token and expires in). API Reference
User Management The "Advanced Settings" section is automatically opened when the connected user has an ADMIN profile.

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Runtime Lane Manual Task performed after being assigned to a runtime lane. Task remained in the user baskets and reports (assigned to).
Scripted Lane Deletion of a lane (B) that was referred to in the script of another lane (A). Lane B couldn't be deleted.
Using the NOT operator with the Freemarker function `contains`. Negation was not applied.
Collection Exporting a collection that exceeded 25Mb. The export failed (without an error message).
Report Using the export feature of a report where the customised date pattern was left empty The export failed.
Process Updating a process triggered by a timer. In TEST and ACCEPTANCE modes, the last modifier became the initiator of the process, but it was not the case in LIVE.
Pushing to LIVE a timer-triggered process that was triggered soon after. The process may not have been triggered.
Pushing to LIVE an email-triggered process. The process may not have been triggered.
User Experience Positioning the label above a radio button. The Label was to the side of the widget rather than above.
Manually typing the date in a date picker widget (with a pattern not including the time part e.g. dd/MM/yyyy). The time part (set by default) of the timestamp was different than when selected through the date picker directly (00:00:00 GMT instead of 12:00:00 GMT).
Uploading a file that exceeded the maximum allowed size (25Mb). The upload failed without an error message.
API Using Logs Application, retrieve the Authentication failed event No more information regarding the user.
Using Usage Application, retrieve the account usage An error occured
Character encoding Search for a text that contains an ideographic space in any search bar No result
Report List items of a Web interface report based on process when a file is uploaded in the Web interface The item do not appear

2016-11-23 - Thibault v1


Component Enhancements Link
Role Management The performance of scripted lanes has been drastically improved. This enhancement required a new set of script definitions and will deprecate some existing scripted lanes.
Developer Guide
RunMyApp for Android Use the Offline mode to create new requests when offline. These requests wil be automatically synchronized upon reconnection. Developer Guide
Push notifications for mobile devices configured on Manual and Email / Notification tasks User Guide
New design to match the new RunMyProcess brand and improve the user experience. Google Play
My Settings
User Management
Information regarding authorized access to third-party applications (OAuth 2.0) is now displayed and can be managed by the end-user.
Modification of the user interface to present the most frequently used information first.
Translator App The Application description and title, the Header title and Captcha can be translated.
New column that displays the component name of the property to translate.
Improved performance and stability.
File management The upload file limit has increased from 10 to 25 Mb.
Process Report Widget The ability to filter processes based on their status.
IDE Configure push notifications for RunMyApp on Manual and Email / Notification tasks. User Guide
Process instances in previous versions could be upgraded in acceptance mode. Lifecycle Guide
Redirect to a specific url from https://live.runmyprocess.com/logout?P_target=[url]
Server communication TLS supports the SNI (Service Name Indication) extension protocol, with the exception of the PATCH HTTP method and the Secure Enterprise Connector.
Security Configure the maximum invalid login attempts. User Guide
Secure Enterprise Connector (SEC) jar components are signed.
Web Interface Date input widget : Implement a callback to change the default behaviour when computing the return date (including time) after the end user has entered a date (without time). API Reference

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Web Interface Some actions were no longer allowed on non-active widgets when using the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. The actions were selection, copy and paste and displaying alerts. The widgets affected were TextInput, DateInput, UrlInput, Captcha and FileUpload. Some previously permitted actions were no longer available. *N.B. Following the release, the listed input widgets are read-only (was disabled) and focusable (behaviour change since it supports tab navigation).
For existing web interfaces, migration to thibault_v1 is required.
Uploading a file exceeding the size limit in a form. No error message was displayed.
Creating an array / table with more than one column. The id of the header HTML element appeared only for the first column.
Creating a form with inactive button(s) and an active 'Save Document' button, then saveing the document. All the inactive buttons became active.
Exporting a multi-line text widget that contains carriage return to a csv file. The formatting was broken therefore the data was not displayed correctly.
Role management Updating an existing role to runtime lane and vice-versa. It could impact applications in Live or Acceptance.
User Management Blocked Users Blocked users were not taken into account in the statistics and were displayed without a status color in the list.
Importing users by CSV file including metadata. An error was raised.
Creating a user with metadata that contained a null date. Exception was raised when displaying the user's metadata.

2016-09-28 - Mongo v3


Process engine enhancements

  • Processes and subprocesses can now seamlessly share history and uploaded files via a new “Share history and uploaded files” option, preserving context across solution components.
  • By default the "Last process modifier" variable is now set to the last person who executed a sub-process task, increasing the chances that long running processes can complete as organizations change.

Development enhancements

  • A new Javascript function - “RMP_Array widget.isColumnVisible” - reports on whether an array widget column is visible or hidden, providing finer grained understanding and control over the user experience.
  • SHA256 encryption is now supported for HMAC within Freemarker scripts.

Security enhancements

  • The entity ID used for single sign on via SAML V2 is now configurable (it remains "runmyprocess.com” by default).
  • The length of time that a user session remains active before timing out is now configurable, helping you tune the environment and balance your organization's unique productivity and security needs.

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Process Runner A subprocess without a start event is called within a main process The subprocess turns ‘red’ while the main process remains ‘orange’
Lane computation A user is reactivated (Active to Pending/Blocked to Active) The reactivated user is not put back into the scripted lanes he should be in
WI Report Sort on “Created on” columns (same for “Updated on”) The sort is ignored
WI Report Type in a date filter on a WI report and then delete the filter An error occurs
Collection Report Search on a value containing a closing bracket Filter is not taken into account
UI Renderer Set the label position to “Above” on a multi-checkboxes widget The position is ignored

2016-08-19 - Mongo v2 Addon Connectors Library

We have cleaned and refactored completely our library of connectors. Our goal was to provide connectors and providers that were fully documented for developers to be able to integrate them in their process or composite APIs as quickly and simply as possible. We have also removed APIs that were deprecated - usually because the authentication protocol was changed by third-parties to OAuth2. Last but not least we have released Office365 connectors. The connectors library can be accessed from its dedicated view in the IDE.

2016-07-20 - Mongo v2

  • A major rebranding that creates a new foundation for RunMyProcess, including
    • A totally new website and collateral
    • An updated product design that integrates our new brand across:
      • The login page
      • Easy Builder
      • Advanced IDE
      • Documentation
  • In addition to these milestone changes there are also a range of product updates:
    • Logs Application : The rights to access the process logs, composite logs and custom logs are now open to designers & supervisors
    • Translation of Web Interface names on the homepage : To be able to use it, change the homepage code to use the header_title
  • Finally we have also addressed a range of bugs:
    • An issue that sometimes prevented deletion of projects and collections has been resolved
    • A bug that prevented some EasyBuilder apps displaying properly in RunMyApp on Android has been resolved
    • A bug that affected user rights after a refresh of the history has been resolved

2016-05-18 - Mongo v1

  • Versioned File :
    • You can now create a versioned file directly from the development environment without having to upload it from your computer.
    • A versioned file can now be used in the attachment configuration of an email task. Uploaded files are still valid.
  • Delegation on runtime lanes : a delegation configuration now applies for a task generated on a runtime lane that contains only one user. The delegated task has the same behavior as any delegated task (e.g : the delegated user may appear in reports).
  • Integration : You can now configure a custom content-type on a connector.
  • Measures : You can now configure up to 50 measures for a process.
  • Project deletion : To delete a project the following conditions must be met
    • The project must not have a version in production.
    • The project must not be included in another project as a subproject.
    • The project must not have any USER lane.
    • The end user trying to delete the project must be an ADMIN.

2016-03-31 - Wight v2

  • Development Experience:
    • Versioned Files
      We introduced a new type of files to host application codes such as CSS and JavaScript scripts. The versioned files are handled as any other project resource, simplifying maintenance, code reusability and performance. The content of a versioned file can be accessed using the P_versioned_file_content freemarker function
    • New code editor
  • Conditional Process Trigger and Conditional Events:
    We added a new event management feature that triggers and resumes processes: an event realization being a Composite API returning true. We can therefore listen - via a Composite API launched regularly, to a simple event or to an aggregation of events.
  • Mobile : RunMyApp, our mobile application, is now available on the Windows Store

2016-02-03 - Wight v1

  • Development Experience:
    • You can now visualize the current list of users in a runtime lane in the request view.
    • Collection report : you are now able to import the level 1 keys of a collection
    • Array widget : you can access deleted data by using the newly created P_delete_row variable
    • Deletion of a lane : lanes that are used in old revisions of processes cannot be deleted. You can now get the information about the process in question with the tooltip in the list of lanes.
  • Internet of Things:
    • We have added CoAPs as a new protocol that can be chosen in a provider configuration. It is a secure variant of the CoAP protocol.
    • We have added some specific CoAP parameters in the configuration of a CoAP connector.
  • Composite API:
    • Composite API can now be called synchronously in a script via the options of the id_api.trigger(input,options,ok,ko) API. This is not available for web interfaces that do not have JQuery.
  • Performance:
    • We have improved the performance of the homepage. This should be particularly visible on accounts with a lot of users and lanes.

2015-12-21 - Java v3

  • Development Experience
    • File search : we have added a "No Execution Mode" filter to retrieve files that were not created during the execution of a request.
    • Web interface engine upgrade: you can now visualize which engine version is used by a web interface and upgrade to the latest version.
    • Collection management : You can now retrieve the first level of keys of a collection from the collection view.
    • You can now decide whether or not an internal application (User Management, Logs Application ...) should appear on your homepage.
  • Widget report : full exports now create a file within the relevant project instead of sending the file via email.
  • Javascript widgets API
  • We have improved the freemarker error messages in the request execution logs.
  • Freemarker API
    • We have extended the P_json_put and P_json_remove methods to work on multiple levels of a JSONObject.
  • Mobile : You can now open a RunMyProcess application directly in a mobile browser without having to use RunMyApp.
  • IoT : We have upgraded the version of the CoAP protocol that can be used in our providers
  • Lane computation has been fully refactored to improve performance and stability.

2015-11-12 - Java v2

  • Development Experience : We have added several search capabilities in the Flex designer to improve development on our platform
  • Email notification : We have added 2 new options on the email notification of a manual task. You can now specify a "Reply to" email and a "CC" list of recipients.
  • Numerous bug correction to improve IE11 compatibility
  • We have added a new option 'decimal_separator' to the json_to_csv function
  • User Management update (to be released at the end of November)
    • Support of Microsoft Edge and IE 11
    • Management of a user membership to the Acceptance list of users of a lane
    • Preferences & Metadata in Test & Acceptance
    • Delegation management (a user's own delegation and admin management)
    • Support Authorization management
    • OAuth2 tokens management
  • Performance : Numerous evolutions to improve the performance of the platform. This release also contains the first elements for the migration of the platform to Europe.

2015-09-23 - Java v1

  • Reporting features
    • The ability to export Javascript reports (To display the export icon, the web interface has to be saved)
    • A new refresh feature on all reports
    • Bug correction on date filters on all reports
  • Timer events and scheduled processes can now be configured up to one year ahead
  • Freemarker functions to convert JSON to CSV and vice-versa
  • Integration
    • We have added support for TLS protocol up to version 1.2
    • We have added AWS authentication
  • A forgot password link has been added on our main login page
  • Assign to actions now display the assignee information in the history widget
  • P_index variable can now be used in a report custom column and in the validation / visibility / required rules of a widget array
  • Usage Report application now displays usage per project

Finally, to ensure greater transparency and stronger compliance with legislation, we have enforced the acceptance of terms and conditions for each new user during initial login. This will only affect new users within accounts configured to use SSO and Google OAuth2 authentication.

2015-07-08 - Lifou v4

  • Actions assign to, take and release now appear in the history of an appinstance (displayed in the history widget).
  • Basket : Possibility to filter on another web interface than the current.
  • Copy of version : a new copy icon has been added to the version view. You can now take a version and create a copy that points to exactly the same revisions of resources of the original version. A highlight of the selected revision has also been added to ease version management.
  • Array widget : Clicking on minus on the first line now empties the first line. Same behaviour applies when removing the row in Javascript.
  • Button widget : Launched process notification has been slowed down.
  • New Portal 2 applications : Users Management & Logs application.
  • Mobile : Improvement of rendering of the progress bar on RunMyApp.
  • New application languages : traditional Chinese, Czech and Slovak.
  • Javascript report widget : You can now choose for each column the filter operators that can be used.
  • Appinstance report : new filter Assigned To Connected User

2015-06-03 - Lifou v3

  • New user functionalities
    • Acceptance metadata and preferences : a user can now have metadata and preferences in Acceptance mode
    • Users can be queried based on preference or metadata value
    • Possibility to modify directly a user's metadata or preference using P_change_metadata and P_change_preferences without having to resave the whole structure
  • New lane functionalities
    • Possibility to know if a scripted lane is being recomputed or not
    • The scripted lanes in Acceptance mode will take into account the lane script (same behaviour as in Live mode). This functionality change will impact new and modified scripted lanes, as well as new and updated users who match the script
  • Delegation per project : delegation can now be limited to a project
  • New options added to collection import
    • New parsing option to specify columns that should be parsed as long
    • New trim option
  • Improved rendering of mobile applications

2015-04-15 - Lifou v2

  • Event messages cleanup : event messages, event in production mode, are now deleted 2 months after having been processed
  • Composite API error management : if a composite API - called from a process - fails, the error message is now returned to the process P_message variable
  • Dates management in report widget : Different improvements have been brought to the handling of dates in reports
    • The date format used in exports of widget reports can now be configured
    • Filters on dates in widget reports have been improved
  • User picker : you can now configure the number of characters necessary to launch the search of users
  • New internal variable P_current_request that presents the request_id in a nested process
  • Improved rendering of mobiles app

2015-02-12 to 2015-03-10 - Lifou v1

  • Multiple events are now available : You can now add multiple events on a single step, each followed by its own independent path. Events allow the catching of errors, timeout or manual task cancellation.
  • Migration to MongoDB 2.6 : All process executions have been migrated to MongoDB, leading document orientated database. This change is expected to improve the scalability of the platform as well as providing a higher level of data segregation.
  • Runtime lanes
  • Integration
    • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
    • Enhanced security and encryption of credentials of API connectors
    • It is now possible to allow SMTP with starttls option and no authentication method
  • Reporting
    • Ability to add the list of possible values of a field in a report and configure a date pattern to display in the reports
    • You can now add user filters to get the list of app instances or a process requests a user participated in
    • You can now view process requests that were stopped ("killed") by the platform
  • Web interfaces
  • Logout & SAML: Logout SAML requests can now be signed and verified by the identity provider.
  • New Freemarker methods
  • Freemarker methods updated

2014-10-20 - Magdalena v4

2014-06-12 - Magdalena v3

  • Cross application task basket : Provides easy access to user's tasks and submissions. It can be added easily to the header of an application and configured to return tasks on the current app or on all the apps.
  • Migration to MongoDB : Starting from this release, all process execution data will be progressively moved to MongoDB, to provide better performance on reporting, more capabilities in the future and improved data security.
  • Auto-provisioning of users for Google Apps accounts : Automatic account creation for users who log-in from Google but are not registered on RunMyProcess
  • Freemarker methods
  • SEC stabilisation : Numerous updates including an automatic ping to keep SEC tunnel active despite firewall policies and additional monitoring from RunMyProcess through API accessible logs.
  • Javascript SDK improvements including RMPApplication.getInvalidWidgets that returns the list of invalid widgets in an application.
  • Bug fixes and numerous enhancements of web interfaces, widgets and IDE including:
  • Users and lanes management
    • A maximum of 500 entries can now be listed per call
    • Numerous modifications in user interfaces and background computations to manage more than 100K users on a single account

2014-02-11 - Magdalena v2

2013-11-27 - Magdalena v1

2013-09-04 - Mogador v3

  • Web interface: improved default CSS of the web interface
  • Connectors: introduction of a new authentication mode for SFTP, via a public and private keys
  • Uploaded files: uploaded files are now linked to a specific project, giving your more control rights on them
  • Reports
    • you can now filter your web interface and process reports according to the date of the latest update
    • configuration of the reports to follow the execution mode : you can now view the test report when opening the application in test mode and in live report when the application is viewed live
  • Delegation: you can now schedule the start and the end date of a delegation
  • My applications: you can now configure your My applications view depending on the viewing device (PC/tablet PC/mobile)
  • Freemarker: new method get_task_url that allows you to get the URL of the next manual task from the process
  • A number of minor evolutions and bug fixes

2013-07-09 - Mogador v2

  • Rights: creation of 2 new right profiles on projects
    • Observer: right to view all application instances of the project but only in a read-only mode.
    • Translator: right to update, create, read and delete dictionaries

2013-06-13 - Mogador v1

  • Rights: a more customizable and dynamic management of end-user rights in projects
  • Web interface
    • a finer grained management of CSS files based on the type of media to simplify mobile rendering
    • addition of a new widget the auto-complete text input
    • customizable application header
    • automatic injection of the jQuery library instead of prototype for new applications, the use of jQueryUI is also simplified
  • API: addition of a new customer API to track platform usage and user access
  • Development environment: support for Japanese language
  • Composite API: addition of email and scheduled triggers
  • Secure Enterprise Connector: HTTPS support
  • Connectors: SFTP and CoAP support
  • Technical evolutions resulting in up to 25% improvements in new process' and composite API's execution time
  • A number of minor evolutions and bug fixes

2013-02-13 - Alameda v2

Alameda release v2 contains the following main features

  • Provider: A new temporary email provider based on Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is now set up on every RunMyProcess account. It tolerates many file extensions. Previous temporary email provider based on OVH has been migrated to this new one.
  • User: You can now deactivate a user without deleting it (which was causing issue on process launched by this deleted user).
  • Process and web interface report: Whether you are in back office interface (https://portal.runmyprocess.com/) or in a web interface using report widget, export button ("Your default export (...)") will only export as a csv what you see in current display (or 20 lines maximum). So as to have a full export (even if it contains more than a 1000 lines : limitation of previous version), you must click on export button ("Custom export") and check box "Export all, and receive data by e-mail". You will then receive an email with your full report in csv. If you don't receive any email, please check your "Spam" inbox.
  • Web interface: You can now dynamically create new widgets in an open web interface thanks to new javascript functions.
  • Process: You can now create a process that will be exposed as a synchronous web service. We call it Composite API. It is much more faster than a process listener since it is completely executed in memory with no persistence : you won't find any trace in process report of launched composite APIs. Moreover you can choose result content and state of response of web service call thanks to a new freemarker function (set_status).
  • Developer: You can now display js console for a web interface (launch screen or manual task screen) by adding an extension to the url (&P_attributes=tester) to display js console in LIVE mode or &P_attributes=notester to remove js console in TEST mode; you can also edit .xsl or .ftl files directly within RunMyProcess and at least you don't have to empty your cache after a major release of RunMyProcess.
  • Others: More CSS classes on object, new state in history widget when a timer expired on a manual task: "cancelled" has been replace by "Expired", web interface loading speed enhancement.

2012-12-10 - Alameda v1

Alameda release v1 is a minor release. Nevertheless, it brings the following new features :

  • Report: Duplicate a process or a web interface report
  • Internal: New internal variable "P_status", which is used to return the execution status of last action. It has following structure : {"name":"OK","desc":"The request has succeeded","code":200}
  • Process: Script task with freemarker file
  • Process report: You can relaunch a green process
  • Privacy: File upload thanks to the File Upload widget won't be displayed any more in Desktop / Files
  • Connector: You can launch a web service directly from web interface (without using a process listener)

2012-05-21 - Alcatraz v2 and 2012-10-06 - Alcatraz v3

  • Technical "behind-the-scenes" upgrades of the platform to improve the overall scalability and improve web interfaces load time
  • Web interface:
  • Process: A new type of task has been added which can either generate a PDF document or execute a Javascript file within the process
  • Connector: You have now the ability to delegate tasks that are assigned to a given user, not a group (see Connector in RunMyProcess library: List Delegation, Create a delegation, Modify a delegation, Delete a delegation, Get delegation detail). All tasks already assigned to this user and all new tasks can be then performed by the delegate one (see new filter in web interface report: Delegated to). Moreover, in a process, you can decide that a given task won't be delegated even if a delegation has been activated.
  • Process execution: When a process fails on a email task or a web service task for technical reasons (time out, SMTP connexion failure, etc.), the process will automatically retry the task every minute for 10 minutes maximum.
  • Mobile: Beta version of the Android RunMyProcess App.
  • And a few enhancements in the design tool (file, connector library and web interface list pagination, new freemarker functions, etc).

2012-04-19 - Alcatraz v1

  • General: The general availability of our new Cloud database capabilities based on MongoDB (collection).
  • Process:
    • Possibility to start a public process using a basic HTML form ("form submit") with a custom page as response when process is started, instead of our acknowledgement of "well started".
    • Possibility to move variables within a task of a process using to drag and drop instead of arrows
  • Provider: New authentication method for Windows Azure
  • Web interface:
    • Display and filter widget according to its variable name within your web interface or custom widget used by your web interface
    • HTML code displayed in html widget instead of icon
    • Possibility to have a full screen display in web interface design tools
    • More information on CSS selection
    • Two new tools are available when web interface is opened in test mode: JS and CSS tester
    • Possibility to set a column of an array widget into active or inactive directly in the web interface design tool instead of using javascript functions
    • Possibility to set tabs of a tab widget active/inactive or visible/invisible according to given rules or new JS functions.
  • And a few enhancements in the design tool to ease further both process and application maintenance (new freemarker functions, more informations displayed in version tab of a project, etc).

2012-02-29 - Nantucket v3

  • Authentication policy management: You can now block a user after "n" unsuccesfull connections tries.
  • Connector: New FTP functions (DELETE, RENAME, MKDIR, RMDIR).
  • Collection: Javascript functions to manipulate collections within a web interface
  • Web interface: Possibility to execute a preload script on save document button and Javascript function to reset selection of a list
  • Freemarker:
    • New functions to list, attach, detach file from a widget upload file ; get URL of a manual task in input parameter of this manual task function to generate a custom error in process.
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • Javascript error message are more explicit for process listener.
    • Whenever you need to choose a resource you also can create a new one.

2012-01-31 - Nantucket v2

  • Web interface:
    • New widget report: You can now display collection report and show filter section on opening.
    • New widget application history: You can now allow user to add comments directly into the application history and also historized variables values at each validation step.
  • Process: You can now define in "From" of an email task a displayed name different from email address.
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • Report performance improvement.
    • New free-marker functions.
    • Add-on to widget upload variable.

2011-12-10 - Nantucket v1

  • General: Beta version of an integrated document database for managing business objects used by developed applications and based on MongoDB.
  • Connector: Connection to your local database thanks to new provider type RDCP and new kind of service.
  • Web interface:
    • New widget report: You can export report in different CSV formats or print it, include calculated columns or set technical columns invisible, select specific lines in a report and treat them differently thanks to new JS function.
    • New widget upload file: You can upload multiple files, list or delete or download files uploaded and perform many actions thanks to new Javascript functions
  • Process: Possibility to perform scripting in Javascript instead of freemarker or to use your own freemarker functions file (cf. include ftl).
  • Monitoring: Possibility to relaunch a process on a given version and to relaunch a sub-process without modifying state of father process, increase report performance thanks to "only for current project" option.
  • And lots of others improvements (Active Directory synchronization using a partner solution.)

2011-08-30 - Madeira

The Madeira release represents a significant change in how the applications are developed. This release contains the following main features:

RunMyProcess now includes the possibility to manage versions of an application, packaged within a project. Thanks to these new features, each application created can exist in multiple versions.

You can now modify, develop and deploy new versions without interrupting the service for your end users. More than just a cosmetic design change, this release brings with it a significant improvement in how applications are developed as well as other changes to improve usability and security.

If you were using RunMyProcess previously, all running processes/applications in production will continue to run as before. Nevertheless you won't be able to modify them before migrating the application into a project.

In addition, this release brings many other improvements to the design, navigation, and ease-of-use. It also includes support for new freemarker functions (read cells of an excel file...), personalized login page if not using Google Open Id, etc.

2011-03-02 and 2011-03-17 - Stromboli

This release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
    • It is now possible to define URL of a widget report dynamically and to open the link of a widget report within the same windows (instead of a new tab).
    • Possibility to set a column of a widget array invisible.
    • Possibility to use a custom widget in a public application.
    • It is also possible to execute a JavaScript script or a process listener even if a manual task has been performed (read only web form).
    • Possibility to execute a post loading script for a custom list to get its content (with new JS functions to manipulate this content).
  • Analytics: Add a Google analytic tracker to your application. It's possible to track the global statistics or each individual screen in the application.
  • Organization:
    • Create a dynamic role that contains a group of roles (example different country groups).
    • When manual task is executed, a script assigns the task to the pertinent role group based on any values transmitted by the process.
  • Provider: Two new types of authentication for a provider:
    • RunMyProcess Secured Connection: it allows you to use a RunMyProcess internal webservices with current user (P_user) credentials.
    • Secured Data Connector: it allows you to give an access to RunMyProcess to your internal webservices without creating any DMZ on your local network or reconfiguring your firewall.
  • Process: Now offers the ability to capture the body of an HTML email that has launched a process and to find quickly where a variable is defined within your process.
  • Report: (Launched process and Forms search) now allows the use of new dynamic criteria on date measurements (tomorrow, in 4 days or 3 months, etc).
  • File: Now offers the ability to upload public files on RunMyProcess platform: no login, password will be needed to display or download it. This is very convenient for public web form (for images or CSS file for instance).
  • Freemarker: New functions to manipulate custom lists, manage concurrent access on resources and delete file.
  • And lots of other improvements on current functions:
    • Process pdf export in Chrome.
    • Report CSV export.
    • Performance and ease-of-use.
    • State of webservice or subprocess in process design screen.

2010-12-18 - Bahamas

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
  • Process:
  • Report:
    • Launched process and Forms search now allow the use of dynamic criteria on date measurements (example : date = today).
    • Automatic recalculation of measures for past processes whenever you create or modify one.
    • The possibility to perform a search on a sub-process.
    • The option to delete a launched process.
  • Configuration:
    • New configuration options include: a new type of metadata and preferences (type List).
    • The possibility to dynamically switch to new language in flash interface.
    • Allowing RunMyProcess support teams access to your account.
  • Freemarker: New functions.
  • And lots of other improvements on performance and ease-of-use.

2010-10-07 - Sardegna

This release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
    • Edit variables and widgets when reusing a custom widget in another process.
    • Edit your CSS and Javascript file directly in the new RunMyProcess editor.
    • Add a pre-launch script to a button (if button "Refuse" is clicked, comment field becomes mandatory).
    • Manage column filter on report widget thanks to new Javascript functions.
    • Save user modifications in a webform without launching a process or performing a loop on a manual task (Save document button).
    • Define "validation" rule or "required" rule on each widget.
  • Provider: New type of provider (FTPES) and new method LIST is available.
  • Process:
    • Loopback within a process (instead of using loop on a sub-process).
    • New type of sub-process (nested process) which allows a father process to share its variables with its sub-processes.
  • Organization: New option in role so as to ease user's attachment (option everybody).
  • Report: Launched process and Forms search, perform a filter between 2 measures.
  • Freemarker: New functions available
    • Get and Save preference.
    • Get technical information about current launched process.
    • Manipulate file.
  • Configuration: Add preference data to a user which can be secured (i.e: password) and which can only be modified by him.
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • New script editor (with colored edition, undo, redo, mass indent, usual keyboard shortcut like crtl+c,v,z,y).
    • Performance improvement of designer interface.
    • New ergonomy of service tester.
    • New information in comment widget.
    • Reorder columns of your widget easily.
    • Add an image to your widget button.
    • Launch a public process using an email.

2010-07-21 - Okinawa

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
    • Customize your web page using your own stylesheet (CSS file).
    • Attach your own Javascript to a button array.
    • Launch a process from any web page using our new RunMyProcess Javascript file.
    • Hide first column of your form search or your process report and add a preview html input field widget to your RunMyProcess web page.
  • Provider: Possibility to set a rule in order to not overload your provider (x milliseconds between each request).
  • Launched process: You can now re-execute a process that has failed or which state is waiting /cancelled.
  • Report (Launched process and Forms search): You can now use criteria attached to current user metadata (example : display all holidays of my department).
  • Freemarker: New functions:
    • Modify content of a file downloaded on RunMyProcess platform
    • Get and modify user metadata
    • Possibility to modify directly a json structure (name) a.b.c = (value) 3
  • And lots of others improvements.

2010-06-10 - Gomera

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • New widget (custom widget that allows you to re-use components between different RunMyProcess applications).
    • New type of list (variable based that allows you to display a dynamic list build within your web page).
    • New Javascript functions.
  • Process: In processes launched now it is possible using an email to map person in copy of launching email.
  • Launched process: You can perform search on sub-process of a given father process.
  • Freemarker: New function "transpose" that allows you to transpose a variable from a widget array from "column definition" to "line definition".
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • Number of open manual task displayed in manual task tab
    • Possibility to delete a manual task for an administrator
    • Possibility to rename reports
    • Files downloaded from RunMyProcess will be named with file name instead of RunMyProcess identifier.

2010-04-21 - Bali

This release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • Dynamic label for application.
    • Javascript files inclusion.
    • New widget (form search report with filters and agregation).
    • Screens chaining according to a given workflow (i.e. for a survey, if user answers are A than load screen BA else load screen CA where business logic is defined in a process).
    • Graphical process listener (i.e. on screen loading, launch a process that will fetch in a Google Spreadsheet information about P_connected_user and add them in a custom list to be displayed in current screen).
  • Process:
    • Possibility to attach multiple files to an email.
    • Manual event start tasks
    • Type your process measures to perform agregation.
  • Provider: New request type (PATCH).
  • Desktop: In form search report, you can now filter and agregate your process data.
  • Freemarker: New custom functions (zipfile, random, impersonate, etc).
  • And lots of other improvements.

2010-03-08 - Maldives

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • Public web form to launch a process without authentication.
    • New widget (captcha).
    • New properties to support different reading direction.
    • Possibility to initialize field's value thanks to parameters passed in the URL.
  • Process: Public process to be launched thanks to a public form.
  • Provider: New type of authentication (Google 2-legged OAuth).
  • And lots of other improvements.

2010-02-09 - Dunikola

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer: New widgets (comments, spinner) and new Javascript functions to modify dynamically all properties.
  • Process: new type of task (process timer) to pause a process execution.
  • Service: New type of connectors (multipart where you can define different content type).
  • My charts: New criteria.
  • Platform access: Connect to our platform (designer or web page) using to Google Open Id. In other words, if you have already authenticated yourself on your Google account (Gmail for instance), you don't have to enter your password to log into RunMyProcess.
  • And lots of other improvements.

2009-12-14 - Tortuga

This release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • Duplication of applications.
    • New widgets (tabs, section, history of validation, url link input widget).
    • Automatic update of uploaded files list.
    • New Javascript functions to modify dynamically all properties.
  • Process:
    • Upload a file on a public form of a manual task.
    • Secured variables in a process (for password for instance).
    • Get all variables typed by a user in a web form of a manual task using a check box.
    • Pass and get all variables of a father process to a sub-process thanks to 2 check boxes.
    • Revert your current process to a previous saved process.
  • User configuration: Creation of customs attributes to user profile (telephone, delegate.).
  • My charts:
    • Export data of a chart to a Google chart or to a CSV file.
    • Share your report with other users, entities or roles.
  • Forms search: Export data of a report to a CSV file.
  • And lots of other improvements
    • New login page and UI
    • Possibility to concatenate structures in Freemarker.

2009-09-09 - Itaque

This release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • New widgets: radio buttons list, check boxes list, email input text.
    • New rule tab to define visible/active status of widget without javascript.
    • Default value in input text widget.
    • Multi-selection list.
    • Automatic sorting of list.
    • Lots of new Javascript functions to modify dynamically all properties of any widget and always more user friendly thanks to a new toolbar.
  • Google gadget: Display your tasks directly in a Google gadget (more Gadgets to come in fall).
  • Process:
    • Input variables of a task are automatically created with all variables needed by a webservice or a subprocess.
    • Process can be started thanks to an email sent to a given address whatever the mail format.
    • When a manual task is assigned to a role, all people within this role can be notified by email.
    • Input and output variables of a task can be ordered.
    • Output variables can be added to an event start.
    • Manual task can be approved thanks to a public form (no authentication needed).
  • My tasks: You can erase tasks in test and debug mode.
  • And lots of other improvements.

2009-07-02 - Sicilia

This release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • New array widget (to design dynamic spreadsheets on a web form).
    • Widget borders.
    • Widgets Copy/Paste.
    • More user friendly.
  • Google gadget: Display your chart directly in a Google gadget (more Gadgets to come during summer).
  • Forms search enhancement: Perform search on fields (measures) of an application and display them directly in a table.
  • Single sign on: Configure your SSO directly on RunMyProcess.
  • And lots of other improvements.
    • Process coherence checks when saving
    • Dynamic timer on intermediary event

2009-05-11 - Corsica

This release contains the following main features:

  • Cartography module: You can now organize efficently all your processes and analyze their business impact.
  • Application designer:
    • Javascript calculated fields with method to set/get value of a field
    • Method to set visibility/invisibility of a field
    • Method to listen to any change made on the forms.
  • On line payment: You can now subscribe to RunMyProcess with a credit card or a paypal account.
  • New getting started videos: This videos will show you, step by step how to build and run your first process.
  • New tutorials
  • And lots of other improvements.