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Deploying a Hotfix

A hotfix is a bug correction release of an application running in Production.

1 Overview

This page will describe a process for dealing with hotfixes on the RunMyProcess platform, we will do this by considering a scenario and outlining a solution.

A hotfix is a bug correction of an application running in Production.

2 The Scenario

We will consider a situation where a version v1 of a project is running in Production (Live). The next version of the application is being developed which means that resources have been modified.

A bug has been identified in the version running in Production (v1) which needs correcting without deploying the changes that are taking place in development.

3 The Solution

In situations like this one, we advise you proceed as follows:

  1. Create a copy v1.2 of your production version v1 (The copy will be created in TEST mode).

  2. Reproduce the bug in this environment i.e. version v1.2 running in TEST.

  3. Rollback the resources that you need to update in v1.2 to the correct revision.

  4. In the Version Resources Tab modify v1.2 to the latest revision of the resources that you have rollbacked.

  5. Make the necessary modifications to the resources rollbacked. If the bug correction requires updates to other resources, go back to Step 3.

  6. Test the solution in TEST and ACCEPTANCE mode to verify that the version v1.2 fixes the bug and does not generate regressions compared to v1.

  7. Push v1.2 into production. Depending on the solution you implemented, you will have to choose carefully if you want existing instances and requests running in production to run in version v1 or in version v1.2.

  8. Rollback the resources that you rollbacked to correct the bug to the latest development revision. This is in necessary to re-create the exact same development environment that you had before processing the hotfix so that you can continue development.

  9. If needed report the correction on the current state of the project.