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Grant access to Support

What is a Support authorization ?

A Support Authorization is a powerful authorization that will enable someone to log in as he or she were you. Configuring a support authorization for someone means granting him or her access to your RunMyProcess account. The grantee will be able to see all your data and do everything that you are allowed to do.

Of course no one can access your account if you have not explicitly allowed someone to do so.

Who can I grant access to ?

You can grant access to:

  1. RunMyProcess support
  2. An administrator of your RunMyProcess account
  3. The RunMyProcess partner that manages your account if any

How can I grant access to someone ?

1 - Go to My Settings tab


2 - Go to Support Authorizations tab

3 - Click on the New Authorization button : type in the login of the grantee, set Expire On on the date and time you want the support authorization to expire and save.


4 - You're done