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How to resume processes

When rebooting a process request, you may find yourself in either of those situations :

  1. Your process does not have a father
  2. You have a father process that has triggered a son process (and the error is in the son process)

First case : Your process does not have a father

Before trying to reboot your process, you have to understand what exactly will be re-executed if your reboot it.

Here's an example :

In your process, you configured some input variables and some output variables for your step 2


Let's say you have a process instance like this :


As you know, when the process is running and reaches step 2, the different actions will be executed:

  1. Input variables are computed
  2. The activity is triggered (Email, Connector, Sub process or Manual)
  3. Output variables are executed

When your process turns red, the main questions are:

  • WHERE is the error?
  • WHERE should I reboot ?
  • HOW to reboot?

In this example, something's wrong with one of the input variables of step 2 (check error message in red). You've identified the error so you fix your process design. Now, where to reboot?

If you reboot on a specific activity, ONLY the output parameters will be computed again.

How to reboot?

1 Edit the process instance


2 Click on 'OK' when pop is prompted (You're warned! ;))


3 Put step 2 as "Not executed'


4 Put step 1 as "Waiting" (= we're going to reboot from step 1)


5 Edit the computed parameters (Optional)

You can edit the computed parameters or add new ones

  • Click on 'parameters' tab


  • Click on 'Computed parameters' tab


You should see this:


  • To edit the 'comment' variable:
    • Click on its name


  • Then edit its value (1) and click on Ok (2)


  • To add a new variable and its value:
    • Enter variable name (1), enter its value (2) and click on 'Add parameter' (3)


  • To delete an existing computed parameter, just click on the bin icon on the right

6 Save your process instance


7 Enter a comment (1) and click on "change status to waiting" (2)


8 Now click on 'Play' (= 'please reboot the process Now')


9 Come back to normal view


10 Now refresh the view of the process execution


Your process has been relaunched!

Note :
Be careful when you reboot processes where connectors are configured : the P_result global variable generated as output of each activity is OVERWRITTEN on every step.
So if you reboot on the step before where output variables using P_result are configured, IT WILL LEAD TO AN ERROR (because the value of P_result has been overwritten on the next step!)

Second case : Your process has been triggered by a father process




The procedure is:

you don't edit father process instance. You directly reboot the son process (see CASE #1)