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Projects organize the resources required to build and run applications in DigitalSuite and manage the applications' lifecycle. For performing its tasks and providing its user interface, each application is composed of one or more projects. One of the projects is the main project with the application's basic logic.

A project may include subprojects which are imported to it. Using subprojects reduces a project's complexity and enables the reuse of projects. The lifecycle and access rights of a subproject may differ from those of the parent project. This enables customers to build a highly refined lifecycle and access control system.

A project may be dedicated to a specific application or be used by multiple ones.

Project Identification

The following settings identify a project in DigitalSuite:

  • Name: The name of the project, also referred to as the title.
  • ID: A generated number used to uniquely identify the project.
  • Description: A short description of the project and its purpose.

The names of projects, which are dedicated to specific applications, should include the application's name as a prefix. As a suffix, a specific purpose, role, set of rights, or type of version, should be used.


Item Name
Application RunMyProcess - Sample Expense Request
Main Project RunMyProcess - Sample Expense Request - MAIN
Projects with specific purpose, roles, or rights RunMyProcess - Sample Expense Request - Administration
RunMyProcess - Sample Expense Request - Manager
Projects with specific type of versioning RunMyProcess - Sample Expense Request - Connectors KU: This project contains all the providers and connectors used to integrate the Sample Expense Request application with third-party systems. The KU suffix indicates a specific versioning setting (keep updated) that has been activated for project.

The names of projects which are used across applications should indicate the purpose, for example, Mail Provider.

Project Vault

The project vault is a secure space where customers can store sensitive information related to a project, such as credentials required for authentication with service providers.

Each project has its own vault. It can contain JSON objects of any nature, which are created and maintained using APIs. The vault is secured by encryption and subject to access control.