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Developer Guide DigitalSuite

This guide addresses you as a developer of customer applications based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite. It guides you through the process of developing applications spanning development testing, acceptance testing, and going live to production.

The tasks of a developer comprise developing applications, including monitoring and debugging the execution of web interfaces, processes, and composite APIs. With regard to monitoring and debugging, developers usually work closely together with operators. For details on operator tasks, refer to the Operator Guide.

Note that the Developer Guide for the Advanced IDE still serves as a reference for development topics. It is frequently referenced in this guide since the Advanced IDE-related documentation is being replaced step by step.

Check the DigitalSuite Support Options in case of technical questions or problems that cannot be solved with the information in the available documentation.

The Developer Guide DigitalSuite comprises the following sections:

Overview: Overview on how to develop an application.
Users and Roles: Setting up the role concept for your application.
Project Setup: Setting up and configuring the project for your application.
Web Interface Design: Designing the web interface for your application.
Process Design: Designing the process reflecting the business logic of your application.
Test and Deployment: Testing, deploying and running your application on the platform.
Reporting: Setting up reports in order to visualize information on the execution of a process, and web interface instances.
Advanced Features: Integrating systems, retrieving and storing data.