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Training Modules


Platform overview

  • Home : access to last modified resources + tutorials.
  • My Applications : list of the web interfaces you can open.
  • My tasks : don’t use. You must rely on reports to display the opened tasks of the connected user.
  • Files : upload a file on RunMyProcess as private or public (.css, images, .js etc...).
  • Organization : manage your organizations, entities and roles. The rights (open, design, monitor) are based on the entities and roles.
  • Projects : edit or create a new RunMyProcess application. A project contains different resources and can be versionned.
  • Web interfaces : one of the Project resources. A web interface can be used to trigger a process and for manual tasks.
  • Processes : one of the Project resources. A process is composed of 'activities' of 4 types : trigger a subprocess/a email notification/a connector/a manual task.
  • My connectors : a connector is linked to a provider, which is linked to a project. A connector can be called from a process.
  • Custom lists : one of the Project resources. Can be private or public and can be used in web interfaces.
  • My dashboard: don’t use, it’s deprecated. Dashboard will be made accessible out of the platform .
  • Web interface reports : one of the Project resources. It displays web interface instances (like opened tasks, validated tasks, drafts etc..) with editable filters and columns.
  • Process reports :one of the Project resources. Used for technical supervision and debuging, it displays process instances (completed, with errors)with editable filters and columns.
  • Charts : don’t use, it’s deprecated. They can be configured on reports directly.
  • Process examples : process examples on how to use the connectors on library. Soon, they'll be downloadable.
  • Connectors : import pre-configured connectors from our library. You can also configure your own connectors and share them with the RunMyprocess community.
Monitoring (only for admins)
  • Messages : processes can be triggered by email. This is the incoming email monitoring console.
  • Scheduled process : processes can be scheduled (every 5min/day/week/month) and monitored here.
Account (only for admins)
  • Users : create a new user/edit an existing one.
  • Configuration : edit authentication method (login/password, SSO, Google OAuth2), domains (used for Google OAuth2, DigitalSuite EnterpriseConnect), user metadata and preferences.
  • Usage : chart with the number of process instances on your account every day.
  • Offers : subscribe to a new offer after your trial has expired (nb of licences = nb of users on the account).

Design an application

Design a Vacation request application.

  • The main web interface : Vacation request form.


  • The workflow : one approval step, a gateway and a google spreadsheet integration


  • 2 web interfaces for the reports : 2 reports for employees (my requests, my drafts) and 2 reports for the manager (my tasks, all requests)



  • A nice dashboard with charts


Standard Steps

  • Create a project
  • Design a process
  • Create a web interface (no javascript, no freemarker)
  • Create a custom list 'Type of Leave'
  • Add CSS to web interface

  • Create a manual task

  • Create email notification
  • Create a subprocess 'add a row in the google spreadsheet'.

Plug connectors

  • 2 connectors to import from 'LIBRARIES > Connectors' and to plug to the process : 'Google API Login > Login spreadsheet' then 'Google Spreadsheet > Add a row'

Testing application

  • Several testing consoles
    • Freemarker testing console
    • Process testing console
    • Connector testing console
  • Test application from A to Z

Create end users reports

  • Create measures in processes
  • Create reports
  • Embed reports in web interfaces

Create a dashboard

  • You can make some analysis on your process data : create a dashboard.
  • You created the different webinterfaces : now configure the header and the menu bar in every one of them.
  • Configure redirection links:
    • when an employee submit his request, redirect him to his 'my requests' report, instead of displaying thank you default popup.
    • when a manager validate/reject a task, redirect him to his 'my tasks' report.
  • In your main webinterface (submit new vacation request), display a progress bar widget to inform end users what are the completed steps, what is the current one, what are the remaining ones.

Create a home page 'All Applications'

Create a new version in production

What are the new features after each release?


How to reboot red processes

Design back loops

Create a RunMyProcess custom login page

Advanced Javascript

Advanced Freemarker

How to use process listeners

  • Tutorial : what is a process listener, and how to configure it.
  • ex : get the Exchange Rate from European Central Bank (ECB)
    • configure a process with currency as input parameter, and that retrieve the exchange rate using ECB connector
    • configure a custom list of currencies USD, EUR, JPY
    • configure a web interface
    • include the custom list and a text input 'FX rate"
    • configure a process listener that will listen to the currency variable and retrieves the fx rate into the web interface
    • include a spinner to be displayed when process is running
  • [PRACTISE] Ex : design a application 'Price approval process'.
    • The initiator enter a price in EUR, a process listener get the fx rate and displays the amount in USD
    • The initiator submits this price for approval to the manager.
    • The manager can approve or reject. If rejected, the process loops back to a task for the initiator, then ask again manager approval.
    • Design the login page that redirects to this application after user logs-in
    • Note: Process listener can be launched when screen is loaded, the list of fx_rate can be saved as a map in the js context, and a js scripter can listen to the map and selected currency => it's more efficient as there are less calls
  • [PRACTISE] Exercice: Get the list of rows from a Google Spreadsheet and display them into a RMP variable based list (ex : product title, product description, product price)

Create a new connector

How to use RunMyProcess Collections

Before switching your project to LIVE

Note for RunMyProcess Integrators

  • Ask a customer to grant you access to his account
  • RunMyProcess support has an internal tool to copy an application from an account to another one.
  • RunMyProcess support can provide you with useful tools for your projects deployments, eg: a back office to Create/Update/Mass import users, reset passwords.
  • If you need technical help to build prototype, and before designing your first projects, contact our support.