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DigitalSuite Studio Connector Library


The Connector Library module allows you to access pre-built connectors from different providers that offer services to be integrated into your applications (e.g. Salesforce, Google, or Office 365). The connectors have been pre-configured by RunMyProcess and are available to all accounts on the DigitalSuite platform. You can directly use them in your projects as services for certain actions, for example, for creating an account, a contact, or an event.

The Connector Library allows you to view the configuration of the pre-built connectors and the providers to which they belong. The connector and provider configurations are read-only. If you need a connector for your application, you can import it to your project. You can either import the connector as it is defined in the library, in this case the provider is imported as well, or you can attach the connector to a different provider that already exists in your project.

An imported connector can be accessed in the Project Configuration module where it is listed as project resource. You can use the connector “as is”, or modify it to suit the application in which it is to be used.

The Connector Library, like all DigitalSuite Studio modules, has in-built, toggleable on-screen help that ensures that assistance is instantly available at the point of need.

For detailed information on providers and connectors, refer to the DigitalSuite Concepts.