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DigitalSuite Studio Schedules


Schedules is the DigitalSuite Studio module for monitoring the execution of schedules defined for processes and composite APIs.

Schedules are used to launch processes and composite APIs automatically at specified times and intervals. To set up a schedule, you define the start event of a process or composite API with a timer trigger and configure the desired start date, number of repetitions, and delay between repetitions. The schedule is active for process and composite API versions in Acceptance and Live mode. Scheduled execution in Test mode is not possible.

The Schedules module shows the schedules with their configuration and current status, for example, running or completed. From each schedule, you can open the definition of the process or composite API in the ProcessModeler.

The Schedules module, like all DigitalSuite Studio modules, has in-built, toggleable on-screen help that ensures that assistance is instantly available at the point of need.