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DigitalSuite Studio Project Configuration


Project Configuration is the DigitalSuite Studio module for managing the projects for your account. Projects organize the resources required to build and run applications in DigitalSuite and manage the applications' lifecycle. You can create multiple versions of a project with specific revisions of the resources and launch them in different execution modes.

The Project Configuration module provides direct access to the main project tasks:

  • Creating and organizing the resources for an application.
  • Defining and managing the access rights for the application.
  • Managing versions of the application and launching the versions in different execution modes.

You use the Project Configuration module for direct access to all resources that belong to a project. You can use the Resources module to access resources of all types across all projects.

The Project Configuration module, like all DigitalSuite Studio modules, has in-built, toggleable on-screen help that ensures that assistance is instantly available at the point of need.

For detailed information on projects and their lifecycle, refer to the DigitalSuite Concepts.