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Components of DigitalSuite

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite consists of the following main components:

The server and execution platform is the basis for building, deploying, and running applications and solutions in the cloud. Tools and services are available for all customer purposes, from design and development to deployment and operation:

  • DigitalSuite Studio is the powerful low-code development environment of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite. It includes all the tools required to: manage accounts, organizations, users, and roles; set up projects and model and implement processes, interfaces, and reports; integrate systems and devices by means of connectors; monitor operation including usage, schedules, and logs.

  • DigitalSuite EnterpriseConnect is a set of orchestrated components that enable secure access from the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite platform in the cloud to resources that are located on-premise on enterprise systems behind firewalls.

  • DigitalSuite RunMyApp is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It provides a container for applications created on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to run on mobile devices so that users can access them regardless of their location. 

  • Standard Portal Applications are predefined RunMyProcess DigitalSuite applications that are copied to each new customer account when it is created. They include interfaces, documentation, utilities, templates, and examples.