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The following sections provide some hints on what to check and how to proceed when problems occur.

What to Do in Specific Situations

Here are some specific error situations with hints on what to check and how to proceed:

The EnterpriseConnect Agent or the adapters in your local environment fail to start or stop again after start-up


  • the messages output at the command prompt and/or in the log files.
  • the configuration files of the Agent and/or the adapters.

Connections cannot be established from the EnterpriseConnect Agent to the SDC of RunMyProcess Digital Suite


  • the messages output at the command prompt and/or the log files.
  • The settings in the Agent configuration file, particularly IP addresses and ports, domain, agent user and password.
  • whether the IP addresses or ports are blocked by firewalls or other security mechanisms in your environment.

An adapter cannot connect to the EnterpriseConnect Agent


  • the messages output at the command prompt and/or the log files.
  • if the EnterpriseConnect Agent is running.
  • the adapter configurations files, particularly the IP addresses and ports specified in the handler.config file.

Requests to access local resources in RunMyProcess DigitalSuite fail


  • the messages output in the Logs Application.
  • the configuration of the provider, and connector in use, particularly IP addresses and ports, domain, user (login) and password.
  • if the EnterpriseConnect Agent and the relevant adapter in the local environment are running and working properly.

Special characters in the subject of emails sent through the SMTP adapter on Linux are not encoded correctly


In the Linux shell the adapter is running in, set the appropriate language, for example:

export LANG=de_DE.UTF-8
export LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8

Log Information

The different components of EnterpriseConnect record log information to different files and utilities. When you encounter problems, check this information for possible reasons and hints for solutions.

Log Information in RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

In RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, log information is available in the standard Logs Application. Check this information when problems occur in requests to your local EnterpriseConnect installation or errors are returned by the adapters. The SDC of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite also records information with the Logs Application, for example, when the connection to the local EnterpriseConnect Agent fails.

Log Information of the EnterpriseConnect Agent

The EnterpriseConnect Agent records information in local log files in the location:

  • Microsoft Windows: logs subfolder of the Agent installation folder
  • Linux: /var/log/dsec-agent folder

The log file names are built as follows: dsec-agent-[yyyy-MM-dd].[n].log, where [yyyy-MM-dd] is the date, and [n] a consecutive number. Each day, a new log 1 is started. If it exceeds 10 MB, log 2 is created, and so on. Log files older than 30 days are removed automatically. If the total amount of logs information exceeds 100 MB within 30 days, the oldest log file is removed.

In the EnterpriseConnect Agent configuration file, you can determine the log behavior by means of the following settings:

  • logging.level.* : the level of detail of the log information
  • agent.adapterV2.adapterLogsToAgent.enabled : whether to record log information of the adapters in the Agent logs
  • agent.agentLogsToSdc.enabled : whether to send log information to the SDC of the RunMyProcess platform

Log Information of the Adapters

The adapters record log information to the console and/or a local file as specified in the log.properties file in the installation folder.