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Process Reports

This tab shows the list of available process reports. The results of a report can be exported in .csv format.


When defining filter criteria for a specific process report by clicking Edit search, you can filter processes by their status, step type, and/or step ID.


Status ID Server Description Status Description
0 NONE Not started The process is in a queue for processing, but has not yet started.
102 WAITING Waiting The process is waiting for en external action to be taken (e.g. a Manual task)
103 WAITING RESUME Waiting (Resume) The process is in a state waiting to be resumed.
201 COMPLETED Completed The process has completed.
301 ABORTED Aborted The process has been aborted.
302 KILLED Killed The process has been killed.
400 CANCELLED Cancelled The process was cancelled by a user.
401 OUTDATED Outdated The process has ended because it has timed out.

Step Types

Step Value Step Name Description Symbol in Process
start [Event] Start A start step. Start
end [Event] End An end step. Start
cond [Event] Condition A conditional step. Start
scheduler [Event] Timer A step event timer. Start
and [Gateway] And (Split) A split AND step. Start
xor [Gateway] Xor (Split) A split OR step. Start
jand [Gateway] And (Join) A join AND step. Start
jor [Gateway] Xor (Join) A join OR step. Start
api [Activity] Composite API A step for calling a Web service for a composite API (CAPI) call. Start
sub [Activity] Subprocess A step for calling a sub-process. Start
tm [Activity] Manual A step for executing a Manual task. Start
ws [Activity] Connector A step for calling a Web service (except CAPI call). Start
send [Activity] Email / Notification A step for sending a push notification or an email. Start
script [Activity] Script A script execution step. Start
task [Activity] None An empty step. Start
timer [Event] Timer on Activity An embedded timer. Start
cancel [Event] Cancel on Activity An embedded cancel event for catching the cancelling of a step. Start
error [Event] Error on Activity An embedded error event for catching an error. Start

Managing Process Instances

  • The Execution path tab of a process allows you to monitor the current status of each task in the process.

  • The Measuring tab allows you to display the current values of a process instance's measures.

  • The Parameters tab allows you to display the variables used and passed on by the process during execution.

  • The Runtime users tab allows you to view and edit the users that have already been added to a runtime lane.