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Allows you to monitor message boxes defined as POP or POPS Providers (including RunMyProcess Shared Mailbox).

Message Boxes Tab

Allows you to display the list of message boxes defined as POP(S) Providers.

Name of message box. By clicking on the name, you will see a list of processes that are launched by this message box.

info RunMyProcess Shared Mailbox is the mailbox used to launch a process by an email (see Start process Tab).

Response from message box during last downloading - an error message if a problem occurred while downloading messages, otherwise "OK".

Last pull date.

A message box can have 2 different status:

  • ok last download was successful
  • ko last download failed (ex: wrong login or password...).

Messages list Tab

Allows you to display all mails downloaded from all Message boxes.

An email can have 3 different status:

  • Email has been downloaded and treated successfully: it will appear in tab "Processed messages",
  • Email has been downloaded and treatment has led to an error: it will appear in tab "Messages with error",
  • Email has been downloaded and treatment has not started yet: it will appear in tab "Downloaded messages".

An email has several attibutes

The source of the email

The recipient of the email

Date of download.

Date of treatment (to launch a process).

Launched process
If an icon is visible, you can click on it to open the process that has been launched by the email If no icon is visible, RunMyProcess did not find the process that was supposed to be launched (bad recipient: see Start process Tab)

By clicking on the envelope, you will see the email: subject, content and error message if your email is in Messages with errors tab.