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URL Input Widget

Allows you to define an URL input widget.

link Url input
A URL input widget has the following properties fields:

  • Label: text written next to the widget.
  • Label width: width of label (in pixel). It allows you to align vertically different widgets.
  • Label alignment: choose "Horizontal" to have the "Label" on the left of the widget and "Vertical" to have it on the top of the widget.
  • Variable: name of the variable in the process to be filled in with URL input.
  • Default url: url prompted by default. It allows you to initialize your "url" widget if initialize check box is checked.
  • Max visible char.: allows you to set the length (number of visible characters) of the url input widget.
  • Tooltip: message to be displayed to the user when staying one or two seconds on the widget.
  • Identifier: id of the widget. You will only need it if you want to use Javascript functions in your web page.

info User can enter an url when the widget is active (see Rules tab). When the widget is inactive the url input becomes a web link that will open
url in a new tab of browser