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Process Timer Event

A Process Timer Event allows you to pause process execution for a period of time. The window to configure the Event has two tabs - Event and Output Variables


The name of the task.

The unique ID of the task. The ID is generated and cannot be modified.

Event type
The Event type is set to TIMER and cannot be modified.

Time period
Allows you to define the duration of the pause in days, hours and minutes. It can be set up to a year (365 days).

This can be used to define pause's duration (in minutes) by a formula using process variables (e.g. ${mydelay}) instead of a fixed Time period. The minimum duration is 5 minutes.

Output variables

This tab allows you to define output variables for your process timer task. For more information about output variables, see Task Output Variables.

info_1 Please note that when a process is triggered by a timer, the value of the internal parameter P_initiator is the user who last modified the process.