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Custom Lists

Allows you to create a custom list to be used within a RunMyProcess web interface (see custom list widget).

Click the [New list] button, to create a new custom list, attach it to a project and give it a Name.

info_1 Don't forget to check box "Public access" if your custom lists is used within a public web interface.

Top buttons

disk Save
Save your current custom list

arrow_refresh Refresh
Refresh our current custom list

arrow_undo Undo
Revert to your last saved custom list

Copy partial url of your custom list (to use it in URL List field of a custom list widget)

clock Revision
Savings' Revision of your custom list

package_linkAttach/detach a custom list
Allows you to attach/detach your custom list to/from a project

package_unlink Attach a custom list
Allows you to attach your custom list to a project

info_2 This icon only appears if your custom list does not belong to a project.

info_3 If your custom list does not belong to a project, you won't be able to save it

Open project

package_go Open the current project that the custom list belongs to

close Close Close your custom list definition

Click the add [Add line] button, to add a new line in your list : label column will be prompted to user, value column is associated to label selected by user. For instance label could be a town and value the corresponding country.

Click the trash4 icon, to delete a line.

Use "arrow" icon to move an item upward or downward.

info_4 You don't have to order alphabetically your list : this option will be proposed when you use your custom list in custom list widget of your Web interface.