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Projects/Project Definition Tab

Allows you to add resources to your project (Web interfaces, processes, composite APIs, connectors, custom lists, or collections), work on reports, and include existing projects in your project.

Name of the project.

Unique ID of the project. The ID is automatically generated and cannot be modified.

Resource explorer
Allows you to display all resources attached to your project. Expand a specific resource type with the left arrow or use expand_resource to expand all resources of your project.

Information in Resource Explorer

The name of a resource. Click the name to open the resource on a separate tab.

Only relevant for Web interfaces and processes. Click the arrow icon to launch the Web interface or process in Test, Acceptance, or Live mode, and select the version to be launched in the respective mode.

Only relevant for Web interfaces and processes. It shows whether your Web interface or process is private or public. For public resources, no authentication is required for launching it.

Updated on
Date and time the resource was last saved.

Displays the revision tag of the revision that was last saved.

Allows you to detach a resource from the current project. Once a resource is detached, it cannot be saved anymore unless you attach this resource to another project. To delete a resource, you must first detach it from the project.