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Runtime Lanes

A runtime lane allows you to determine the members of the lane at runtime.

1 Behavior

A Runtime Lane is an empty lane that you can populate during the execution of a request.

Please note that once you have made a lane a runtime one, you cannot change it for a different type of lane. Similarly, existing lanes of another type cannot be changed to be Runtime ones.

Two freemarker methods are dedicated to managing the content of a runtime lane :

P_add_user_to_lane : adds a given user to a specified lane

P_remove_user_from_lane : removes a given user from a specified lane

info_1 Those two methods will throw an error if the specified lane is not a runtime lane

info_1 Those two methods will have no effect in TEST mode.

info_1 Those two methods will return a list of user ids (that are part of the specified lane)

2 Configuration

To configure a runtime lane, you have to check "runtime role" tickbox in the configuration of the lane (see screenshot).

info_1 There is no limitation to the number of runtime lanes that can be created within the organization or used within a process

3 Examples

Inside the process definition, you can, for example, use :


User 5678 will be added to lane 1234

${P_add_user_to_lane(1234, 'foo@bar.com')}

User foo@bar.com will be added to lane 1234

The list of added users can be displayed in the process report. See Runtime Users

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