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Projects/Access Rights Tab

Allows you to define access rights on a given project.

Displays the list of roles/entities defined in your organizations. You can drag and drop them in the Access right's type area.

info_1 To remove a role/entity from the Access right's type area, use 'Delete' (or 'Fn'+'Backspace' on a Mac) on your keyboard.

Access right's type
Allows you to define which roles/entities defined in your organizations have which rights on this project. 3 types of access rights are available for a given project:

  • Designer: Users that belong to roles/entities with Designer access can modify the resources of the project or launch processes/Web interfaces in Test, Acceptance, or Live mode.
  • Supervisor: Users that belong to roles/entities with Supervisor access cannot modify resources of the project. They are authorized to launch processes/Web interfaces in Test mode state and to monitor launched process. They can also see all manual tasks created in Web interface reports.
  • User: users that belong to Roles/Entities authorized will only be able to launch web interface in live state or to see task they have to perform. They won't be able to see the process that they have launched (no task to perform) : you have to give them a Supervisor access right and filter in web interface report on "Started by" = "Current user" so that they can see process they have launched.

Access rights according to resources/action:

  • Any project resources: Only Designer access allows users to create, read, modify, and delete a resource of a project (except for reports).

  • Report: Only Designer and Supervisor access allows users to create, modify, and delete a report of a project. User access means users can read the report.

  • Launch a process: Only Designer access allows users to launch a process in Test, only User access allows users to launch a process in Live. Note that for launching a process in Acceptance, the users have to be explicitly selected.

  • Launched process: Only Supervisor access allows users to delete or relaunch (i.e. modify) a launched process.

  • Put a version into production: Only supervisor access allows users to launch a version in production.

  • Lanes/Entities: Lanes/entities used in a project can only be modified by users with Designer and Supervisor access.

info_2 All resources of a project have the same access right type. If you need different access rights, for example, on individual Web interfaces, create a new project with appropriate access rights and include it in your current project.

info_3 Access rights defined on a given project have no impact on access rights defined in subprojects that are included.

info_4 A user with Administrator profile has full access to all projects on the RunMyProcess platform.