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Web interface header


The header of a web interface is the best way to integrate the name of the web interface, the name of the logged user, the basket, and a list of disponible languages for the web-interface.


You can define a logo, it will appear automatically in the header. Follow these 5 steps to configure your logo:

configure a logo

(1) Go to the "Configuration" panel

(2) Click on "Uploaded images" aside the "Logo URL" item

(3) Choose your company Logo

(4) Click "OK"

(5) Save the configuration

Title and basket

To have the header in your web interface, you have to check the box in the configuration of the web interface (see image below).


The header configuration allows you to set a title, a menu and the basket


Advanced features

You can remove the disconnect button with a simple CSS line: .icon-poweroff{display: none;}

You can add an icon or a small text in the dedicated custom div, using the javascript code:

    jQuery('#customheader').html('Let\'s rock');

Basket management

Menu management


Web interface configuration