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Web Interfaces/Google Analytics Tab

Allows you to define a Google analytics tracker for your web interface

Google analytics
Allows you to define a Universal Analytics tracker so as to track activity of your application.

Google analytics account Id
Google analytics property id, e.g : UA-XXXX-Y

Tracked url
The URL that will appear in your Google analytics dashboard. This URL will be interpreted using freemarker. You can use the following freemarker variables:

P_analytics.title       # the title of the header of the web interface
P_analytics.name        # the name of the web interface
P_analytics.id          # the id of the web interface
P_analytics.reference   # the reference of the screen (0 mainly for launch screen, 1 for the first screen...)
P_analytics.screen      # the name of the screen 
P_analytics.status      # status of the screen (OPENED, CLOSED, CANCELLED, OUTDATED)

info_1 We recommend to use a default value for such variable ie: /my_analytics_url/${P_analytics.screen!'default_screen'}

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