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API Listeners performance

In a web interface, you can choose between 3 types of different API Listeners :

  • Composite API
  • Process
  • Connector

Those 3 solutions are not equivalent in terms of performance :

  • The connectors and the composite APIs are executed synchronously and their execution paths are not persisted which makes their execution much more efficient.
  • Processes are executed asynchronously : the result of their execution is polled regularly from the web interface. On the other hand, their execution path is persisted.

Consequently, using a Composite API will always yield better performance results when used as a listener in a web interface. However, you may need to use a process as a listener. In this case and if you need to use more than one, you should consider to regroup the execution of your process listeners (by triggering one "Screen initialized" process listener with subprocesses). Indeed, polling the result of several process listeners can degrade JS execution performances.

Asynchronous loading of widgets

To improve the performance of big web interface, you can use custom widgets.

A custom widget is set of widgets that can be included in another web interface. When a web interface includes a custom widget, the widgets in the custom widget are loaded asynchronously : this enables the main application to be loaded more quickly and seamlessly. Moreover, a custom widget can be included in as many web interfaces as you want which makes it the perfect tool to package and factorize a web interface design.

A classical example would be to regroup all the widgets of a specific tab in a custom widget and tu use this custom widget directly in the tab. To improve the User Experience, you can also customize your tab to launch the loading of the custom widget at the opening of the tab (when the user clicks on the tab to open it). For more information please visit the tab widget documentation.

Browser Recommendation

According to our experience, choosing the right browser is essential for performance.

We highly recommend :

  • latest version of Chrome
  • latest version of Firefox
  • IE 9

The following browsers can also be used (the later the better) :

  • Firefox 4
  • Firefox 3

We warn you against the use of the following browsers :

  • IE 8
  • IE 7

The rendering of RunMyProcess web interfaces may be degraded : javascript execution may be slow or even crash and the layout of your web interface may be different from its initial design.