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User and Lane Picker

The list widget of type "Users" or "Entities or roles" can be configured as a picker that provides suggestions while the user types into the field. It's an option that can be configured to let the users quickly find and select an item from a large list of users for example.


To configure a user picker you can simply use the option "Picker" of the List widget (3 above), to use this option you should add a "Value variable" and a "Label variable" (1,3). The "Picker property" lets you specify the property that will be used to filter fetched data when the user starts typing (4).


A picker can be multi-selection as you can see above:


Since he's based on the List widget, a picker can use all his Javascript functions (getSelectedLabel, getSelectedValue, ...etc). He has a special function that let you set a picked item(s):


// set multiple picked items when the picker is multi-selection

You can also configure the minimum input length of the string that end the user will have to fill in for the research to be launched. We recommend to set this configuration to at least 2 characters. If you have hundreds of users on your account, setting it this to 1 character can crash your application.