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StaticText Widget

Allows you to define a static text widget.

text_allcaps Static text widget
A static text widget has the following properties fields:

  • Text: type your text in the widget. This text can be either static or dynamic by using variables of your process: Dear ${name1}... ; or variables of your web page:
    Dear [[name2]]...
  • Listen to variables : name of the variables of the web page to listen to. This field should be filled if you want your text input to be modified according to others widgets of your web page (ex: "name1" should not be added here since the variable is coming from the process but "name 2" should be added).
  • Target url: if this field is filled up, the text widget can be clicked (html link) to open the target url. It can be static (http://www.runmyprocess.com) or dynamic : ${myurl1} according to variable of a process or [[myurl2]] according to variable of your web page.
  • Identifier: id of the widget. You will only need it if you want to use Javascript functions in your web page.

info Dynamic text according to variable of a process is only possible for web pages of a manual task since for a launching web page, no
variable of the process is defined except P_initiator, P_user and P_connected_user variables.