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Projects/Version Management Log Tab

Allows you to view detailed information on versioning operations that have been carried out for process requests and Web interface instances in your project.

Use the filter options at the top of the table to define which versioning operations are displayed on the tab. You can either display versions launched in Production, Acceptance, or Test mode.

The following information is displayed:

  • ID: The unique identifier of the upgrade operation.
  • Source: The name of the source version from which instances were migrated.
  • Target: The name of the target version to which instances were migrated.
  • Upgraded on: The date and time the instances were migrated.
  • Upgraded by: The email address of the user who migrated the instances.
  • Status: Possible status values are:
    Successful for an operation that has successfully finished.
    Failed for an operation that failed, for example due to a malformed instance or a bug.
    In progress for an operation that is still ongoing.
    Not started for an operation that is waiting to be executed.
  • Details: Shows the number of process requests and Web interface instances migrated by the upgrade operation. Use the Refresh icon if there are upgrade operations still in progress.