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Process/General Tab

Allows you to configure the process on the whole.

info_1 Click on General button of the Process Screen to access this tab.

Title of the process. This field is mandatory.

info_2 Two processes can have the same name.

Unique ID of the process. The ID is generated and cannot be modified.

Owner of the process. Only users that belong to lanes with the designer access rights type for the project to which this process belongs can modify the process.

Run as (Default)
For timer-triggered processes, the default initiator of the process. This field is optional. If specified, the user must belong to the start lane of the process and have access rights to the project the process belongs to. If left empty, the process is initiated in the name of the user (designer) who last saved the process configuration.

Dynamic label
Using variables in this field makes the title of the process dynamic: The name of the process will be computed at run-time for each process launched (see Process reports) and will be modified if the variable is modified.

info_3 For example, an order management process may require an order-specific label like Order for MyCustomer: USD 1,000 rather than a single name for all orders. To use this kind of label, enter the following dynamic label: Order for ${client_name}: USD ${amount}.

info_4 You can use any Freemarker script to compute a complex title, see How to use Freemarker.

Public access
Check this box if you want to allow this process to be launched by a public web interface.

Select a tag in the list or type the name of a new tag, then click [Add].

info_5 A process can be tagged with one or more customizable fields called tag. A search by tag can then be executed via the advanced search option of the process list tab.

Description of the process. The description is shown on this tab only.