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Web Interface Reports

Web interface reports allow you to view information from your applications.

Web Interface Reports

This page displays a list of existing Web Interface reports along with the projects they belong to. Clicking on a report will result in the execution of the report - a list of launched web interface (i.e. web interfaces used to launch a process or used within manual tasks of a launched process) that meet the criteria of the report in their current state will be displayed.

This page also offers the ability to configure a new report.

info_1 A user, whatever its access rights, will see all reports from the projects he belongs to.

Creating a new Web Interface Report

Clicking on the New Report button will start the process of creating a new Web Interface report. Firstly you will be asked to choose a project for your report. After choosing a project you will be taken to a page where you can configure your report.

info_2 Only web interfaces that belong to the chosen project or a project included in this project will be proposed in Web interface filter.

1 The Button Bar

feed Subscribe
Display corresponding RSS feed of your web interface report (ie request performed on RunMyProcess server and result of this request as Rss feed)

disk Save
Save your current web interface report

disk_multiple Copy
Duplicate your report

clock Revision
Revision of your web interface report

package_link Attach/detach a web interface report
Allows you to attach/detach your web interface report to/from a project

package_unlink Attach a web interface report
Allows you to attach your web interface report to a project

info_3 This icon only appears if your web interface report does not belong to a project. If your web interface report does not belong to a project, you won't be able to save it.

info_4 Open project Open project web interface report belongs to

2 Tailoring your report

2.1 Specifying Criteria

You can specify the following criteria for your report so that only instances that meet this criteria are displayed:

Criteria Description
Created since Display instances launched since a specified number of days.
On hold for Display instances on hold since a specified number of days.

2.2 Choosing a Web Interface or Process

You can choose whether your Web Interface report should be based on a Web Interface or a Process (all the Web Interfaces attached to a single process). You will need to choose the corresponding Web Interface or Process from a list of available ones; you will also be able to choose which status to include or exclude. The status are:

Status Description
Start The request is pending.
End The request has completed.
Cancel The request has been cancelled.

2.3 Choosing the columns to display on the report

Use add /remove to add / remove a column.

You can choose to add the following columns :

Column Description
Name The name of the web interface (dynamic name if filled up). This column is always displayed.
Creation date Date the web interface instance was created by a manual task.
Screen The name of the screen of the Web Interface.
Created since The age of the web interface (in days), based on the creation date
On hold for The number of days since the web interface has been waiting for a manual task validation (process is waiting for a manual task to be performed).
Started by Login of the user who has launched the web interface.
Last accessed by Login of the user who has last accessed the web interface.
Instance ID Identifier of current web interface instance.
Delegate to Delegated user (email).

If a web interface has been selected, you can display any measure (see Measure Tabs) defined in the process launched by the selected web interface.

2.4 Adding filters

The Add Filter button allows you to include only web interfaces that meet a specific criteria in your report. You can have more than one filter, the logical operation between each filter is an AND.

If no web interface has been selected, you can add filters for:

Filter Description
Assigned to A given web interface instance (manual task) assigned to any given user (email address) or list of users.
Delegated to A given web interface instance (manual task) delegated to a given user (email).
Instance Id A given web interface instance.
Involved Action All web interfaces in which their history contains the given action. An action can be: CREATE, SAVE, VALIDATE, CANCEL and TIMEOUT.
Involved User All web interfaces where their history has been modified by the given user.
Last Access By All web interfaces (process) in which the last access has been performed by a given user (login i.e. email address).
Started By All web interfaces (process) launched by a given user (login i.e. email address).

If a web interface has been selected, you can also filter by any measures (see Measure Tabs) defined in the process launched by the selected web interface.

You can also search by:

  • current user metadata. Syntax is the following : "measure of your process" "logical operator" [[user]] (for user login) or [[user.extended.department]] where department is a user metadata
  • according to a dynamic date : [[day_0]] for today (current time stamp in second like measure with type "Date"), [[day_1]] for yesterday, [[fday_1]] for tomorrow, [[fday_n]] for n days in future, [[day_n]] for n days ago, [[fmonth_n]] for n months in future and [[month_n]] for n months ago.
  • based on a criteria between two measures : "measure of your process" "logical operator" "[[attr_xxx]]". To get the attr_xxx corresponding to your measure, add this measure as a column and open corresponding feed by clicking on "feed icon" : in URL, you will find it. Example : https://live.runmyprocess.com/live/zzzz/applistate?nb=20&first=0&filter=MODE%20APPLI&operator=EE%20EE&value=LIVE%2026101&column=name%20attr_515

2.5 Aggregation option

Group by
Define "group by" variables or measures (if a web interface has been selected) : see columns above.

info_6 You can define two levels of grouping.

Define arithmetic operations to be perform for all aggregation levels [e.g. : count(Number)]. If a web interface has been selected, you can perform arithmetic operations on Measures (if type is "Number" or "Date") of corresponding process, otherwise you can just perform operation on "Number" of launched application.

3 Running your Report

Once your search criteria and columns to be displayed have been defined, click on "Search results" button to launch the search and on the "Save" button to save your search in the "reports" tab.

info_5 The "Reset" button allows you to reset all search criteria.

Icon remove allows you to reset search criteria on a given field.

You can choose which Mode to run your report in - Test, Acceptance, Live or Automatic.