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Projects/Versions Tab - Creating or Updating a Version

Allows you to create a new version of your project or update an existing one.

Action Bar

save Allows you to save your changes.

copy Creates a copy of the currently displayed version in Test mode. Use this option to avoid creating the same version from scratch for testing purposes, for example when you have problems with a version in Live that must not be changed. When copying a version, you are asked whether you also want to copy the version's dictionaries. Answer Yes to copy all dictionaries to the new version.

subscribe Displays the feed of the version.

Version Management Log
subscribe Displays the history of the current version in a separate Version Management Log window. The information logged in the window corresponds to the information on the Projects/Version Management Log tab. For details, refer to the tab description.

project_link Allows you to open the project the version is attached to.

Implementation Tab

Allows you to enter basic information on the version to be created or updated.

The name of the version to be created or updated.

Short description of the version.

Unique ID of the version. This ID is automatically generated. It cannot be modified.

Created by
User who created the version.

Resources Tab

Allows you to select which resources to include in the version to be created or updated.

Expand/Collapse Buttons
expand_resource or collapse_resource button to expand/collapse the resources displayed on the tab.

info_5 You can also expand a given resource type using the left arrow.

Include all
Select this option to include all resources of your project in the version. This is what you should usually do.

info_6 If a resource is not included in a version and it is used by another resource of this version, your version will not work.

Always keep all resources updated
Select this option to always use the latest revision of a resource. If you enable this check box, there is no versioning applied to any resource. Whenever a resource is modified, the version uses the latest revision of the resources instead of a revision that is explicitly selected.

info_7 This option can be useful, for example for a project that contains only email providers or connectors.

info_8 This option has no effect on subprojects that are included.

The following information is displayed in the columns on the Resources tab:

  • Name: The name of the resource. Click the name to view the resource details.
  • Included ?: Enable this check box if you want to include this resource in the version.
  • Updated on: The date and time the resource was last updated.
  • Star: Relevant only if a specific revision of a resource is included in the version. Displays the colored star that marks the revision that is used (revision tag).
  • Use a specific revision: Allows you to choose the revision of a resource to be included in the version.
  • Keep updated?: Enable this check box if you want the version to always use the latest version of the resource. This option can be useful for custom lists that will be modified by a process for instance or for email providers (if the password must be changed regularly).
  • Version: Only relevant for included subprojects. The version of the subproject that is included in the current version of your project.