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Task Functionnal Tab

Allows you to configure each task of the process, and define its type.

info_1 This tab is available only for "standard" tasks.

Name of the task. Two tasks can have the same name.

Unique ID of the task. The ID is generated and cannot be modified.

Six types are available:

  • None: this task is for information only. No action is performed (except data mapping ie. variables initialization for instance).
  • Connector: this task runs a specific connector (web service) with different technical options (ReST, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.). You must configure the Implementation of a Connector tab.
  • Email: this task sends an email to one or more users automatically with or without one or several attached files. You must configure the Implementation of an Email tab.
  • Sub-process: this task runs a specific process within the current task. You must configure the Implementation of a Sub-process tab.
  • Manual: this type assigns a task to one user or a group of users ; the list of tasks is available in his/her portal or in a Web interface reports embedded in a Web interface. You must configure the Implementation of a manual task tab.
  • Script: this task allows you to execute a javascript (.js) or freemarker file (.ftl), or to generate a PDF thanks to an .xsl file. You must configure the Implementation of Script tab.

info_2 In all cases, except for selecting "None", a button Implementation of ... appears in the tab.

This is a loop
Allows you to specify that this specific task is a loop and must be run repeatedly while a certain condition is fulfilled or for each element of an array. You must configure the Loop tab.

info_3 For all loops, the number of the iteration for the current step is stored in a specific process parameter called ${P_index}. This parameter can be used within Input / Output variables of the task.

Description of the current task.